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Chapter 388: Magical Beast from the Rumours (3)

She had hesitated repeatedly, but Shen Yanxiao ultimately decided to remind Du Lang.

“The Phoenix is not only a high-level magical beast; it may very well be at the sage level.

With our teams current strength, we are not its match.”

Shen Yanxiaos words were like a nuclear bomb that had exploded in Du Langs mind.

He already had some doubts about the authenticity of the missions information, but he could not be sure.

His heart instantly sank when he heard Shen Yanxiao said that.

“I understand.

I will tell my men to pay more attention.

If the mission fails because of misinformation, then the client does not have any rights to command us further.” Du Lang nodded in agreement, and he was extremely grateful for Shen Yanxiaos warning.

Otherwise, with his personality, he would undoubtedly lead his men to the front line when they encounter the Phoenix.

If that were to happen, they could not retreat even if they wanted to.

Shen Yanxiao smiled and said nothing else.

Then she slowed her pace and gradually pulled away from the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group.

Even though Evil Wolf wanted to follow her, Du Lang had pulled him back.

Du Lang had a feeling that Huo Xiao said all those things because he was to go away to deal with his personal errands.

Shen Yanxiao slowed her pace because she noticed that the client had deliberately increased their distance with the rest of the team.

They had fallen so far behind that they could even leave if they wanted to.

They must have had another reason for doing that.

Those people had taken great pains to recruit such a large group of mercenaries to deal with the Phoenix.

Why did they leave at such a crucial moment They must have had a reason for that, and Shen Yanxiao wanted to find out their real motive for the mission.

When the client noticed that the hired-mercenaries had reached the mountain top, he immediately signaled his companions.

Dozens of men in black reacted quickly, and they suddenly moved into the dense forest.

In the blink of an eye, they had disappeared behind the massive group of men.

A petite little figure had also followed them as they entered the dense forest.

The dozens of men dressed in black accelerated their speed the moment they stepped into the forest as fast as their feet could carry them.

No ordinary people could move as fast as they did.

Except for the seven wolves in the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group, no one else could probably match their speed.

It was evident that the client and his companions had already reached the level of an advanced profession.

It was rather doubtful that a group of experts would employ a group of mercenaries who were far inferior when compared to themselves.

Even Shen Yanxiao found it hard to keep up with their speed.

They moved so fast that the trees around them were not a worthy obstacle.

When she realized that she would lose sight of them, Shen Yanxiao immediately fished out a speed potion and poured it down her throat.

She could finally match the speed of the men in front of her.

A bottle of that potion would give her three minutes of speed, and she had followed them for more than 12 minutes.

She had probably consumed about five to six bottles of potions without any hesitation.

Each of the speed potions had cost hundreds of gold coins, and in such a short period, she had thrown away thousands of gold coins.

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