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Chapter 385 Advanced archer! (3)

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Several groups rejoiced while a few others were worried.

The emotions of those mercenary leaders who had sent their men out the previous night were like the coldest winter night, whereas the others celebrated their predicament discreetly.

However, that was only the beginning.

After the mercenaries reorganized themselves, they were to proceed toward Mount Kuluos peak to fight against the creature of rumors, the Phoenix.

The client made a mental note of the individual performance of each group.

One could only say he looked at those mercenaries with disgust and disdain when no one was looking.

“That group of wastrels even had to cheek to call themselves mercenaries.

Theyre simply ridiculous.”

One of the masked men also looked displeased as he said, “Did those idiots think that were unaware of them sending their men out last night They are under our employment, and yet they would attend to a personal hunt during a mission and risk damaging their reputation as mercenaries.

It looks like the quality of the mercenaries from the Longxuan Empire is really as bad as we have heard.”

They had known that some of the mercenaries had left the camp without their permission.

Since they had not intended to rely on those pieces of trash to deal with the Phoenix, they had decided to turn a blind eye to it.

The client snorted and said, “Lets consider last night as a lesson to that group of idiots.

Did they really think that Mount Kuluo is a place of leisure If Black City were not controlled by any influences in the Longxuan Empire, I would not even choose to use that group of trash as a shield.”

“If someone from the God Realm were to know about this, are you not afraid that they would…” The man in black hinted.

The client nodded and lowered his voice, “If the God Realm had not intervened, why would I look for mercenaries in Black City If it werent for the agreement between the four countries, it would not be possible to gather so many men to fight an arduous battle against the Phoenix.

The God Realm had always paid attention to the Phoenixes, and if they were to discover that we had attacked those magical beasts, they would certainly punish us according to the agreement.

If that were to happen, our losses would exceed the gains.”

When he said that, the client seemed to have thought about something else in his mind.

He asked in a low voice, “Have you found out more about the archer who had attacked those ten mercenaries last night”

They knew about the men who had snuck out of the camp the previous night, but they did not expect to get a faint scent of blood in the air.

When they followed the metallic scent, they found the ten mercenaries who had been nailed against the tree trunks.

There was an arrow embedded in each of them.

The arrows had identical positions, and they concluded that it was the work of a single person.

It was a strange scene.

It looked as if the ten men had been attacked at the same time, but none of them had the opportunity to scream.

It was also evident that the arrows were shot concurrently.

It was an amazing feat for one to shoot ten arrows in a split second and to have all of them strike its target.

The position of all the arrows had been precise too.

The man in black shook his head regretfully and said, “I havent found anything about that yet.

The leader of those ten mercenaries had brought them away.

I did not continue to follow them, in case they would notice me.”

The client furrowed his eyebrows.

“I think the attacker must have been an Advanced Archer.

However, I have investigated all the mercenaries from Black Citys Mercenary Guild.

Except for the Advanced Archer in Du Langs group, only one other group had an archer who was promoted to the advanced rank recently.

However, they are still a long way from reaching the peak of their ranks.

I dont think they were the culprits.”

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