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Chapter 373: Refusal to Walk an Easy Way Out (3)

All ten of them felt a sharp sting in their shoulders.

They wanted to cry out in pain, but Shen Yanxiao had held up Clemance as she loaded more arrows and took aim at them.

“If you dare to utter another sound, Ill nail your heads onto the tree.” There was an easy way out, but they insisted on going through the hells gate.

Those idiots dared to delay her trip and even threaten her It seemed like they wanted to seek their deaths.

Those mercenaries were shocked by what had happened.

They did not expect that little kid to be an archer! A single shot with ten arrows; was she even human

She had nailed them against the three in a split second, and they did not even have time to react.

They felt like they could cry as they stared at the bow and arrow in her hand.

Why were they so unlucky Why was the kid so ruthless to nail them to the trees without any hesitation at all There was no skepticism on her dull face, and she looked so calm that the mercenaries were terrified of her.

It was already pretty good that they were not shocked to death, let alone to utter any sound.

How the heck was she a little kid She had to have been a monster!

The mercenaries wished that they could slap themselves silly.

They thought that she was an ordinary kid, and they had even threatened her! She only needed to take one single action, and she had defeated all of them.

One could see the huge gap between their abilities.

Even if their courage were to increase to a hundred-fold, they still would not dare to go against Shen Yanxiaos order.

None of them wanted an arrow in their skull.

Shen Yanxiao looked at the mercenaries who did their best to keep their mouth tightly shut.

Then, she put Clemance back into her interspatial ring and left for the deeper parts of the forest.

Everyone there recognized her as Huo Xiao, and no one knew her real identity.

Thus, she did not need to conceal her strength.

Those ten idiots could only blame things on their bad luck to have encountered Shen Yanxiao in that situation and landed in such a plight.

All ten of them watched Shen Yanxiaos back profile as they bid her farewell with their eyes.

None of them dared to utter a single word.

That little kid was scary and ruthless.

The moment she held her bow, blood would be shed.

Furthermore, she was powerful.

Even though they were not experts, they still had above average strength.

They did not expect that a kid could defeat them.

At that very moment, they were afraid.

They did not see Du Lang as a terrifying person as they knew full well of his strength.

They were more afraid of those who appeared harmless on the surface but turned out to be the strongest hitter at the end of the day.

Most would dread those with an unexpected level of strength.

After Shen Yanxiao dealt with those ten idiots, she continued to venture deep into Mount Kuluos forest.

However, after she had traveled a certain distance from the camp, she noticed something unusual about the forest.

The silent Mount Kuluo seemed gloomy under the night sky, and she could also detect a faint smell of blood.

Shen Yanxiao narrowed her eyes.

Blood must have been spilled at that very place just moments ago.

She immediately knew that the blood was from those mercenaries who had left the camp without permission.

Shen Yanxiao could also detect an odd scent amid the blood smell.

It was a light scent, but it was quite similar to the demon that they had encountered just as they got to Mount Kuluo.

“Its a demon.” A smile quirked on Shen Yanxiaos lips.

It seemed like those mercenaries had been pretty unlucky.

They wanted to kill a magical beast, but they got a demon instead.

Furthermore, based on the blood scent, instead of the demon, it seemed like those mercenaries were injured instead.

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