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Chapter 368: Demon (1)

If the Phoenix at Mount Kuluo were beyond eighth-rank, then the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group would have a hard time protecting themselves.

Could they still care for the weaker mercenaries

Half an hour later, those one thousand men finally stepped into the infamous Mount Kuluo.

The mercenaries felt a disturbing aura floated past them just as they stepped into the dense forest.

“Its a demon.” Du Lang furrowed his eyebrows and narrowed his eyes as he swept his gaze across the dense forest.

The other mercenaries had also raised their vigilance.

A demonic beast that was left behind in the world would bring terrifying memories to humans.

Even though the mercenaries were used to exterminating those demons, they would suffer casualties as well.

Those demonic beasts were not only scary because of their savageness, but they had a very crafty nature as well.

Lower-level demons were easier to kill, but higher-level demons could disguise themselves as humans and mingled with them as they waited for an opportunity to strike.

It was harder to detect them too.

Shen Yanxiao was rather excited as she had never seen a demonic beast.


Xius favorite food!

She wondered if she could kill some demons in that mission and get her hands on a few demonic cores.

Even if it was not to feed Xiu, she could still use it on Clemance.

Du Lang and his team members would probably faint if they knew what was in Shen Yanxiaos mind while dangers surrounded them.

The demons that humans feared were only food for a little girls bow and a certain lord.

Fortunately, those demons did not have any intention to provoke the large mercenary team.

All of them ran away in haste after they observed them in the dark for a while.

They had not even revealed themselves before their bloodcurdling aura disappeared without a trace.

Shen Yanxiao felt a little upset that she did not get to see a demonic beast.

The mercenaries sighed in relief as they did not want any trouble at Mount Kuluo.

Lower-level demons liked to gather, and one of them could bring trouble to the whole team.

If that were to happen, they could have suffered casualties even before they saw the Phoenix.

Most of the mercenaries relaxed when they realized that the demons had left.

However, Du Lang did not share their optimism.

“That is not a simple low-level demon.

Most lower-level demons would leave immediately if they noticed that they could not break through our defenses.

However, that demon observed us for a while before it left.

From that, we can deduce that it has a certain level of intelligence.

I wonder if it is a fortune or misfortune that it left.” Du Lang reminded his subordinates.

“Oh There are demons that are as smart as humans” Shen Yanxiao did not fear those demons.

Instead, she was rather interested in them.

“Intermediate-level demons have the same intellect as ordinary humans, while the high-level demonic beasts are comparable to many of us here.

For the demons, food will always remain their strongest desire and they prefer to hunt for their food individually.

Otherwise, if those high-level demons were to join forces, then the fight would not be as simple.” Du Lang said with a serious tone.

Shen Yanxiao chuckled, but she had a different thought.

It seemed like they were still far away from the Phoenixs nest, and it would probably take them another day to reach their destination.

The sun had already set, and the team had set up camp around the base of the mountain.

Was that not the best time to widen her knowledge about demonic beasts

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