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A man in black stood by his leaders side.

As he looked at the well-trained members of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group, he said, “I didnt expect to see such a high-quality mercenary group in a small city in the Longxuan Empire.”

The Cave Wolves Mercenary Group was like the crane in a flock of ordinary chickens, and that made them seemed exceptionally prominent.

The leader looked at Du Lang, who was having a chat with his six other members, and he narrowed his eyes.

“Du Lang is an extraordinary man.

However, it is a pity that he had to stay in a small place like the Black City.”

“If so, why dont we accept…”

“Impossible.” The leader had rejected the man in blacks suggestion even before he could finish his sentence.

“Even though Du Lang is a capable man, he does not have exceptional skills.

He is already a leader in a mercenary group, and he would not be content if he were to revert to the status as an ordinary mercenary.

As his strength is concerned, he could not even lead a small team in our group.” Du Lang had a good temperament and mind, but he lacked the strength that they needed.

He was a talented man, but he would not have qualified for their team.

If anyone were to overhear their conversation, they would probably be stunned.

The leader had said that Du Lang was not very distinguished as an Advanced Swordsman! Furthermore, Du Lang could not even manage a small team in their group.

How terrifying was their team, really

The man in black pondered about what his leader had said, but he did not continue with that conversation.

However, he noticed Shen Yanxiao, who sat by Du Langs side.

“Du Lang is a smart man, so how could he be so rash to bring a little kid with him Even though we may have many people here, it is still a joke to bring an incompetent little kid to participate in the mission.” Everyone was uncomfortable when they saw that little turnip amid a group of elite mercenaries.

The leader had also noticed Shen Yanxiaos presence.

He had already seen her when they were still in the Black City.

He was also curious why a smart person like Du Lang would bring that kid along with him.

“Dont worry about him.

Not many people would be able to help when the time comes, so just let them be.” The leader was not interested in that little kid at all.

The man in black pursed his lips.

As he looked at the pitch-black horizon, he turned to the leader and asked, “Leader, do you think we can take down the Phoenix this time” Even though they had a lot of mercenaries with them, most of them were incompetent.

The only ones that they could rely on were those from the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group.

The man in blacks words were clearly different than the content of the mission.

Even though an eighth-ranked magical beast was powerful, intermediate-level experts could still deal some damages to them.

However, he seemed to have filtered everyone else except for the advanced-level experts.

The leader furrowed his eyebrows.

“These groups of people are no match for a twelfth-ranked Phoenix.

However, our objective is not the Phoenix, and their roles are only to lure its attention long enough for us to enter its nest.”

Shen Yanxiao had been right about the client.

The target of the mission was not an eighth-ranked high-level magical beast.

Instead, they had to deal with a twelfth-ranked Phoenix, which had the same strength as a mythical beast! Even advanced-level experts could only deal some minor damages to the beast.

Those with a skill level below that could not even harm the Phoenixs feathers.

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