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Chapter 344: Mercenary Groups Temporary Member (1)

After she weighed her options carefully, Shen Yanxiao could not find a single reason to reject his offer.

“Sure, when would you like to set off” She predicted that she would be able to get a lot of yield from that little trip to the Phoenixs nest.

However, she would still need an excuse for her leave of absence from the two divisions.

With her abilities, she could only learn a limited number of skills during her first year at the Archer Division and the Herbalist Division.

A few days of absence from classes should not matter much to her.

When she compared the few classes that she would have to miss with the mission, Shen Yanxiao knew that the Flame Grass was the more important task.

The earlier she could gather all three plants, then the faster Xiu could regain his strength to assist her in undoing the seal.

Du Lang smiled and said.

“We will be setting off from the Black City in five days.”

Shen Yanxiao nodded in agreement.

After she made the necessary verbal agreements with Du Lang, Shen Yanxiao finally left the Mercenary Guild.

The young man, who had stood frozen to the spot, finally regained his senses when Shen Yanxiao left the room.

“Leader, why did you invite that little kid to join our mission Hes just a little kid, what can he do” The young man felt vexed about the situation.

The members in the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group were all elites, and a thirteen-year-old little kid could hardly compare to any one of them.

However, Du Lang had offered to take the kid with them on the mission, and he even promised to assign someone to guard the kids safety.

It was simply too inconceivable for him.

The mission was to deal with a high-level magical beast from the legends itself, and thousands of mercenaries had been included in that mission.

It was easy to discern the difficulty of the mission by that point alone.

So why would the leader bring a deadweight with them What was he thinking

Du Lang shot a glance at the pessimistic young man and said, “I have my reasons.

In time, you will see.

Lets head back and discuss the mission with our brothers.”

Even though the young man had tons of questions, he did not dare to question the leader.

He could only murmur under his breath and did not comment any further.

After Shen Yanxiao left the Mercenary Guild, she also left the Black City immediately.

She returned to the casino to give the items to Qi Xia.

She also told him about the duration between the time of death for the beasts.

Since they had two days to spare, Qi Xia told Shen Yanxiao that they did not need to put a rush on their plans.

Therefore, they only did some of the preparation that night.

Then they decided to infiltrate the medicine storage room the next night.

As night fell the next day, two stealthy silhouettes snuck into the courtyard of the medicine storage room.

Tang Nazhi and the others had wanted to follow them, but Shen Yanxiao had vetoed their plan.

As there were quite a few guards near the storage room, she already had a problem with bringing Qi Xia with her.

If she were alone, she could easily avoid everyones line of sight.

However, since she had Qi Xia with her, she had to be extra cautious with her movements.

If she were to bring the other three animals along, they would have been discovered the moment they arrived at the storage room.

Shen Yanxiao had the Moonlight Necklace with her to conceal her aura so that the guards could not sense her presence.

Qi Xia was a gifted magus, so he had his own methods to hide his aura.

Things progressed smoothly as they worked with each other.

They took advantage of the ten minutes when the guards change shifts for Qi Xia to swiftly unlock the nonagon magical arrays on the doors.

When she got in, Shen Yanxiao used the shortest time possible to swipe a large number of precious ingredients from the medicine storage room.

Shen Yanxiao was cautious with her actions, and she only took two or three stalks of a single type of medicinal ingredients.

She did not take any ingredients that had only one in stock so that they would not get caught.

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