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Chapter 334: Mercenary Guild (3)

Qi Xia paused for a moment before he continued, “There shouldnt be any problems with getting 81 magical cores, and I can get someone to prepare them.

The three mediums that we need are much more troublesome.

It needs to be freshly cut from the corpse of a magical beast of fifth-rank or above.

We would need its horns, eyes, and bones, and the beast must not have died for more than seven days.

Otherwise, the items would have no effects.

Tang Nazhi then said, “You can try your luck at the Black City.

The mercenaries there accept various tasks, and their targets are mostly magical beasts anyway.

Furthermore, their employer usually only wanted the magical core, so the mercenaries are free to sell the leftover parts.

The mercenaries who had just returned to the city should have all three of those items.”

Tang Nazhis words reminded Shen Yanxiao that it was a feasible method.

Shen Yanxiao then decided that Qi Xia should try to get the 81 magical cores that they needed, and she would go to the Black City to find the items to act as the mediums for their plan.

After they finished their discussion, Yan Yu had finished with his cooking, and he had prepared a table full of delicious food.

All five of them gathered at the table as they immediately dug in.

Qi Xia had also instructed the casino staff to search their inventory for some magical cores.

If they could not find 81 cores, then he would ask them to look for them at the Qilin Auction House.

They expected some delay as the staff had to make round trips back and forth.

When they had finished their meal, the person-in-charge at the casino had indeed found a few hundred magical cores in the storeroom.

Those magic cores were mainly from mercenaries who used them as gambling chips.

A lot of those cores were lower than fifth-grade, and most of them were of the first and second-grades.

However, as they searched through the hundreds of magical cores, they had managed to find the 81 magical cores that they needed.

The sun had yet to set when they found those cores, so Shen Yanxiao decided to make a trip to the Black City when it was nighttime to see if she could purchase those items.

After all, those items could only be found and not sought.

Just the thought of those precious medicinal ingredients in that storage room made her hand itch.

Qi Xia and the rest of the group wanted to accompany her, Shen Yanxiao had rejected their offer.

It was a conspicuous sight if all five of them were to gather together, and someone might remember their presence.

No one would pay any attention to her if she were alone.

After all, the items that they wanted to buy were to be used in the medicine storage room at the Saint Laurent Academy.

If their actions were discovered, it would not be so easy to lock onto a target even if someone were to investigate it.

The four of them agreed with Shen Yanxiaos concern, and so they did not insist on following her.

As soon as the sun had set, Shen Yanxiao prepared to set out.

Before she left, Yang Xi gave her a disguise mask, and it was even more exquisite than the one she had bought in the Black City.

A brand new face would not attract any attention, and it would make it even more impossible to track.

Shen Yanxiao changed her clothes and put on the mask.

Then she bid farewell to the four of them and left for the Black City.

Bright lights illuminated the Black City at nighttime.

The narrow streets and alleys bustled with crowds as the vendors on both sides peddled their goods and hawked their wares.

Shen Yanxiao walked through the streets of the Black City, and she seemed barely noticeable.

She did not pay any attention to the shops around her.

Instead, she walked straight toward the Mercenary Guild.

Every city had a Mercenary Guild, and all clients would entrust their missions there.

The mercenaries were free to accept any tasks that were available at the guild.

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