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Chapter 312: Strange Potion (2)

However, Pu Lisi was not alone.

The students at the spectator area also noticed the number of medicinal ingredients on Shen Yanxiaos table, and their jaw dropped at the realization.

“Does that kid want to make an advanced-level potion” Everyone almost went crazy over that thought.

Ever since the Longxuan Empire was founded, no one had broken through to the level of an advanced herbalist before the age of twenty.

A sixteen or seventeen-year-old intermediate herbalist was not a rare occurrence in the Saint Laurent Academy.

Still, no one could imagine the massive gap between the intermediate and the advanced levels.

Yet, a thirteen-year-old kid had grabbed more than forty medicinal ingredients! Did he really mean to concoct an advanced-level potion

Oh heavens, had the world gone crazy!

An eerie silence enveloped the entire competition arena.

The rest of the participants could only see Shen Yanxiaos back profile, and so they were curious about the items on her table that brought such weird reactions from the spectator area.

Shangguan Xiao frowned and tried to find Pu Lisi amongst the crowd.

He felt an ominous presence in his mind when he saw the dark expression on Pu Lisis face.

The shock at everyone felt had yet to subside when the teacher announced the start of the next round.

The participants could only cast their doubts aside to concentrate on their potions.

At that same time, Shen Yanxiao started to make a move.

However, her actions were different than the rest of them.

She began her process by placing two crystal bottles in front of her.

Then she took one of the liquidized medicinal ingredients in each of her hands and poured them into those two bottles respectively.

“What is she doing” The spectators were baffled by Shen Yanxiaos strange actions.

All the steps in the production of a potion were done in a single bottle.

Otherwise, it would be hard to control the changes in it.

However, it seemed like Shen Yanxiao was concocting two different potions.

Everyone who saw her actions wondered about that situation.

When Pu Lisi saw Shen Yanxiaos progress, his expression had somewhat lightened.

He could already identify the potion she had in her mind from her initial steps.

She was not working on a single potion.

Instead, Shen Yanxiao was trying to produce two entirely different potions.

One was an intermediate-level Meditation Potion, and the other was a junior-level Silence Potion.

Those two potions were not a difficult challenge for some of the second and third-year students at the Herbalist Division.

There were already five to six participants who would have known how to produce them.

However, most herbalists do not hold those two potions in high value.

The junior-level Silence Potion was particularly easy to produce.

As for the intermediate-level Meditation Potion, it was not one of the higher-ranking ones either.

One could say that those two potions were not suitable for competition at all.

Pu Lisis expression relaxed.

Shen Yanxiao did not grab so many ingredients for an advanced-level potion.

Instead, she was trying to prepare two different potions.

The Silents Potion was not an appropriate potion for the competition, and the Meditation Potion was nothing spectacular either.

Since he already figured out Shen Yanxiaos plan for the competition, Pu Lisi no longer paid any attention to her.

The results of a potion competition were not determined by the number of potions the participants could produce.

The essence of a potion was its quality, and it seemed like the little kid had only average skills for that.

He could only accomplish small tricks that could never amount to anything.

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