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Tang Nazhi had seen Qi Xia in action during one of those competitions.

From the start of the teachers announcement to the end of the competition, it had only taken three seconds.

Qi Xias sexy thin lips parted as he gently waved the staff that he wielded with his slender hand.

 The unlucky idiots in front of him did not even have the chance to open their mouths before a massive fireball smashed them against the wall.

 Brute, he was such a brute!

 How was that considered as participation in the competition It seemed as if he was there to crush the other students confidence.

 “Yang Xi and the rest should be arriving shortly.

Perhaps they can catch the result.” Qi Xia slung his arms on Tang Nazhis shoulders while he held onto the fan.

 The competitions for the priests and knights were not as straight-forward as the one for the magi as the levels between the participants played a part in the competition.

Therefore, the competitions for both of those divisions would take a longer time.

While they conversed, Shen Yanxiao was finally done with her process at the very last second before the bell rang.

Shen Yanxiao had exact timing, with not even a second of delay.

The students who waited for Shen Yanxiao to fall flat on her face was quite disappointed with the result.

 However, they were also excited to see what stupid mistakes a reckless first-year student would commit as she produced the potion.

 The participants would concoct their potions on the same table that they had chosen, so they did not have to move to another one.

 That meant that Shen Yanxiao would still be hidden behind that flag and out of everyones sight.

 Pu Lisi could no longer bear it.

He finally used his status as a Great Herbalist and ordered the teacher to move the huge flag to the side.

 Shen Yanxiaos table was finally revealed to everyone in the arena.

 Her workspace was neat and tidy, and the apparatus did not even have a speck of dust on it.

If Shen Yanxiao had not been busy with her head lowered previously, all of them would think that she had not used any of the apparatus.

It seemed like there was a huge difference between reality and everyones imagination.

There were dozens of processed medicinal ingredients and neatly-arranged small lumps of powder on the table.

There were also bottles of sparkling medicinal liquid that radiated an enticing luster under the sunlight.

 There were at least forty different medicinal ingredients on Shen Yanxiaos table.

 “How could this be!” Pu Lisi was greatly surprised when he saw items on Shen Yanxiaos table.

Forty medicinal ingredients

 Did she plan to concoct an advanced potion

 Stop with the jokes!

 Pu Lisi clenched his fist tightly.

Potions that required more than forty ingredients were from the advanced levels.

 An intermediate-level potion required, at most, thirty-nine ingredients.

 Pu Lisi took a deep breath as he tried to suppress his internal shock.

In that instant, his expression darkened.

 It was impossible! No matter how talented the kid was, he could not have been able to produce an advanced potion at such a young age.

If he could accomplish that at the age of thirteen, then he must have been a monster instead of a human.

 Even Ye Qing could only produce his first bottle of advanced potion when he was twenty years old.

 As for Pu Lisi, he only managed to do that when he was twenty-eight years old.

Even though an intermediate and an advanced-level potion differed by only one tier, it was also an impossibly large gap to bridge.

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