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Which herbalist in the world would reject an invitation from a Great Herbalist Furthermore, Shen Yanxiao did not even know that there was a better offer for her at that time!

 “Wow, youre really bold.” Tang Nazhi wiped his cold sweat discreetly.

She must have been a goddess since she dared to turn down Pu Lisis offer in his face.

 Who did not know that Great Master Pu Lisi was notorious for his bad temper He was also narrow-minded and incredibly petty.

He would never easily forgive anyone who had embarrassed him.

 Shen Yanxiao did not only manage to accomplish what he could not, but she even dared to reject his invitation straight in his face.

 Pu Lisi could only swallow his anger after that embarrassing situation.

 It was fortunate that Shen Yanxiao was under the tutelage of Ye Qing.

Otherwise, with his temperament, Pu Lisi would not have allowed Shen Yanxiao to continue her studies in the Herbalist Division.

 No matter how bold Pu Lisi was, he would not have dared to cause trouble for Ye Qings disciple.

 After Tang Nazhi digested the news, he looked at Shangguan Xiao with a complicated expression.

 The students worshipped Shangguan Xiao because he had obtained Pu Lisis favor.

Tang Nazhi could not believe that Shen Yanxiao would reject an offer from a teacher that everyone respected!

 Was there anything more pleasant than that

 Shangguan Xiao did not notice the smirk on Tang Nazhis face.

He walked toward the registration point with his head held high as the other students looked at him with envy.

 When he arrived, the students at the registration point automatically made way for him and allowed him immediate access to the front of the line.

 Shangguan Xiao walked with pride as all the envious gazes on him had satisfied his vanity.

 He was the Herbalist Divisions top student and a Great Herbalists closed-door disciple.

That was something that a group of trash would never amount to.

“Shangguan Xiao, you have also come to register.” Even the teacher at the registration point became more courteous when he saw Shangguan Xiaos arrival.

 Shangguan Xiao was Great Master Pu Lisis disciple, and under his guidance, he could only progress upward in the future.

His status would also rise with his progress, and the teacher knew that he was not someone an insignificant teacher could afford to offend.

 The teachers courteous attitude toward Shangguan Xiao made the other students discern the unfair differences between them.

 Shangguan Xiao nodded with indifference as he exhibited an extremely arrogant posture.

“Hey, take the chance to squeeze in now.

Else, we can forget about lunch.” Tang Nazhi did not care what Shangguan Xiao was doing.

Since the students had made a path, he pulled Shen Yanxiao to go directly to the front of the queue.

 If they were to queue obediently, they would not have been able to register even after noon time.

Tang Nazhi did not mind that, but Shen Yanxiao still had to go to the Archer Division at noon.

So, Tang Nazhi pulled Shen Yanxiao into the crowd, even though her small physique made a pitiful sight.

The moment she entered the group, she was drowned by the sea of people.

Just as Shangguan Xiao wrote his name on the registration booklet, a wave of commotion could be heard from the crowd.

He furrowed his eyebrows in distaste and looked at the disturbance.

Moments later, Tang Nazhis tall figure appeared from the crowd.

 Shangguan Xiao glanced at Tang Nazhi, but he said nothing.

 Everyone knew that Tang Nazhi had buried himself in herbalism books for two years before he could enter the Herbalist Division.

A lot of people had mocked the young master in secret.

However, no one would dare to openly offend the young master as he was from one of the five great aristocratic families.

Regardless of how everyone thought he was trash, the support that the Black Tortoise Family provided him was enough to seal everyones mouth.

 No one would dare to provoke one of the five great aristocratic families.

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