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Everyone knew that Shangguan Xiao was the top student in the Herbalist Division.

Even if he did not participate in the competition, no one would question his abilities.

Furthermore, according to Shangguan Xiaos roommate, he had already passed the tests of several Great Herbalists in the library.

He had also successfully become an assistant to Great Master Pu Lisi.

 Even though he was known as an assistant, everyone knew that it was the position of a disciple.

Shangguan Xiao was a strong and resolute person.

Since he had obtained a Great Masters guidance, the other students thought that their hopes were dashed.

“Dont be disheartened.

The second place is pretty good too.”

 They knew that they would have to bid farewell to the first place if Shengguan Xiao was there.

 The first-place contestant would be able to get medicinal ingredients of their own choosing from the Saint Laurent Academys medicine storage room.

However, none of the students believed that they could beat Shangguan Xiao.

 “Shangguan Xiao would get this months reward again.”

 “If only a great master were to take notice of me.” Another student sighed.

When Shangguan Xiao who walked out of the library, the crowd knew that he had just left Great Master Pu Lisis place.

 The halo of a Great Herbalist was sacred to those students.

They believed that Shangguan Xiaos future was limitless because he had received the guidance of a Great Herbalist.

 “You Forget about it.

How many talented students did Dean Ouyang Huanyu send to the Great Herbalists And how many came back with an ashen complexion Only Shangguan Xiao had managed to get an acknowledgment from them.

Do you think that any random person could catch the attention of a Great Herbalist That would require one to have talent, understand”

 The crowd looked at Shangguan Xiao with envy, while no one noticed Tang Nazhi, who followed behind him.

He quirked his lips and spoke in a detestable manner.

 “Its only Pu Lisi, and theyve already placed Shangguan Xiao on such a high pedestal.

If they were to know that your mentor is Ye Qing, do you think theyd go crazy” Shen Yanxiao had shared the news with her comrades the day she obtained Ye Qings favor.

The four of them were shocked by the news, but they could only sigh with envy at her great opportunity.

Even though Pu Lisi was a Great Herbalist, he was still not comparable to Ye Qing.

Tang Nazhi felt ridiculous when he saw how those idiotic students looked at Shangguan Xiao.

“Speaking of which, other than Luo De and the few of us, does anyone else know that you are Ye Qings disciple” Tang Nazhi crossed his arms and cocked his head at a calm Shen Yanxiao.

 “No one else knows.” Shen Yanxiao nodded at him.

Luo De was not a talkative person, and she preferred to maintain a low profile.

Therefore, other than Tang Nazhi and the rest of her group, she did not tell anyone else about Ye Qing.

 “Oh wait, two other people know about it.” Shen Yanxiao suddenly recalled something from the previous incident.

“Who” Tang Nazhi inquired.

 Shen Yanxiao gestured at Shangguan Xiao and said, “Shangguan Xiao and Pu Lisi.”

 “Ah How did they know” Even though Tang Nazhi knew Ye Qing had selected Shen Yanxiao as his disciple, she did not mention what happened in between the process.

 Shen Yanxiao recounted the incident to Tang Nazhi, and he looked at her with shock.

 “You turned down Pu Lisis invita…” Tang Azhi cried out in alarm.

Shen Yanxiao covered his mouth hastily.

 Tang Nazhi coughed and said, “I was merely a little shocked.

Yes, only slightly shocked.” Tang Nazhi then laughed awkwardly as he removed Shen Yanxiaos hand from his face.

Even though Pu Lisi was not as famous as Ye Qing, he was also 100% a real Great Herbalist!

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