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If he did not pay them any attention, he would not have noticed her existence.

When Pu Lisi saw Shen Yanxiaos fragile figure and her childish face, his eyebrows immediately furrowed.

“Luo De, your eyesight must be deteriorating.

Do you wish to tell me that the student you mentioned is the one standing behind you” Pui Lisi said with a displeased tone.

His reaction to the situation was quite reasonable.

Great Herbalists like him were cooped inside the library for research, and it was rare for them to show any interest in mentoring the younger generation, but for Luo De to bring such a kid to him Did he think that he was a fool

 Luo De could feel the cold sweat that crept on him, and he hastily explained, “How would I dare to fool you Even though he is a first-year student, his talent is…”

 Before Luo De could finish his sentence, Pu Lisi interrupted him with impatience.

“A first-year student And you said that you would not dare to fool me What can a young student like him do A first-year student who had only attended lessons for a few months He could not even complete a junior potion independently.

And yet you have the cheek to recommend him to me”

 “That is not true, Great Master Pu Lisi.

Please, do listen to my explanation.” Luo De tried to explain himself hurriedly, but Pu Lisi waved his hand impatiently at him.

Then he turned to Shangguan Xiao and said, “Shangguan Xiao, chase them out and dont let them disturb my work.”

 Shangguan Xiao sniggered.

The few Great Herbalists at the Saint Laurent Academy had expressed their interest in finding a few assistants amongst the students.

However, he was the only one who had been given the honor to be one of their assistants thus far.

How did Luo De have the cheek to recommend a first-year student to the Great Herbalists Did he want to be chased out from the library

 Even though that thought had been in Shangguan Xiaos mind, he was still polite as he invited Luo De and Shen Yanxiao to leave the room.

 Luo De was angry and anxious about the situation.

Even though Shen Yanxiao was young, but she was also extremely talented.

With her skills, he knew that she would become an intermediate herbalist before long.

What kind of terrifying presence would a thirteen-year-old Intermediate Herbalist make

 It was clear that Pu Lisi was not interested in his explanations, and he did not dare to cause trouble before a Great Herbalist.

That was why he was anxious.

 Shen Yanxiao still stood at the side as she stared at the anxious Luo De and then at Pu Lisi, who continued with his research.

Her eyes narrowed slightly before she pursed her lips and said, “Theres a huge repellence between the Hawthorne Grass and Pixie Flower.

If I were you, I would not add the Pixie Flower so soon after I added the Hawthorne Grass.”

 A young and crisp voice echoed in the room.

 Pu Lisi, who had been processing the potion, paused his movements for a moment before he turned toward Shen Yanxiao, who had suddenly spoken.

“What does a young kid like you know! Even though the Hawthorne Grass and the Pixie Flower would cause a repellence, it can also be reduced to the lowest extent if we use the precise amount,” Pu Lisi said with a light snort.

 Shen Yanxiao raised her eyebrows and said, “Reduced to the lowest extent does not mean complete non-existence.

If both ingredients are added to the potion at the same time, it will cause some bad side effects and lowers the purity of the potion.

Furthermore, it will also deplete the efficacy of the other medicinal ingredients.”

 Pu Lisi snorted and did not respond to Shen Yanxiao as he continued to add the Pixie Flower petals into the potion.

 After he added the petals, they heard a crisp cracking sound before the potion placed on top of the fire bubbled over.

 Pu Lisi frowned.

It seemed like he did not use the exact amount needed for the potion!

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