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When Shen Yanxiao woke up, it was already the morning of the second day.

She was a little confused when she woke up, but that cleared quickly.

However, her head throbbed achingly.

 She attempted to sit up, but the moment she moved, she could hear cracking sounds.

 The crisp sounds echoed, and she stared blankly ahead.

What had happened

 She remembered that she was prepared to get her third seal undone, but she had fainted before she could do that.

After she had woken up, it seemed that the bones in her body had been dismantled and then put back together again.

It was excruciating.

 “Xiu, have you undid the seal” Shen Yanxiao endured the pain, and she managed to stand up with great difficulty.

“Yes.” As usual, Xiu replied to her in his ice-cold tone.

However, Shen Yanxiao could imagine his expression through his voice.

 “You can check for the changes in your body.”

 Shen Yanxiao took a deep breath and then took her time to come down from the bed.

As she adapted to the pain, she was surprised that her body was so much lighter than before.

She was happy with that discovery and then continued to check for other changes.

However, she did not manage to discover anything else.

“The main effect from the undoing of the seal is in your skeleton.

Right now, your bones are much better than before, and it will be a great help to you when you train in magic and battle aura.” Xiu was like a conscientious teacher who guided Shen Yanxiao in all aspects of her studies.

Shen Yanxiao raised her eyebrows, and then she continued to move around.

She also discovered that her movements were much lighter.

She attempted to cast a curse, and she realized that the flow of her hand signs was faster.

 “This is pretty good.” Shen Yanxiao smiled.

Her changes might not have significant effects for a magus or a priest, but for a warlock, every second was crucial.

The reductions in seconds meant that they could be stronger and faster in casting curses.

Shen Yanxiao freshened up at the inn.

Since there was still time before her lessons at the Herbalist Division, she left Black City hastily and headed to Saint Laurent Academy.

 It had been four days since Shen Yanxiao last attended her classes at the Herbalist Division.

She arrived in the nick of time before the first lesson began.

When she reached the Herbalist Division, she met up with Tang Nazhi.

 Even though Tang Nazhi knew that Shen Yanxiao had stayed out all night, he did not ask her for an explanation.

He was already accustomed to the secretive lass, and he knew she must have been busy with one thing or another again.

 “I see that youre finally attending lessons today.

Before I woke up, teacher Luo De had already tasked someone to visit you in our dormitory,” Tang Nazhi said.

Luo De was the teacher who was in charge of Shen Yanxiaos entrance test, and she remembered him.

He had looked for her twice since she started at the Herbalist Division, and both times were to inquire about her improvements in herbalism.

With Shen Yanxiaos accomplishments in herbalism, she could answer his questions fairly easily.

Furthermore, her results had utterly crushed the other first-year students in the division, and thus, Luo De had nothing but praises for her.

Even though Luo De was not Shen Yanxiaos immediate teacher, he often asked her teacher to pay more attention to her.

Shen Yanxiao remembered his care and concern for her, and so she had a favorable impression of Luo De.

 “Does he need something from me” Shen Yanxiao was somewhat curious.

Even though she had taken a few days of sick leave, Luo De should not have any reason to get someone to look for her with such urgency.

 “Im not sure, but that person said that you were to look for Teacher Luo De after our lessons.”

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