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Chapter 259: Level 8 Archer (3)

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Shen Yanxiao walked forward with a smile.

She decided that she did not have the time to deal with that unruly kid.

She slowly lifted her slender fingers and then gently spread them out before she placed her hand on the appraisal stone.

Shen Jiawei stared firmly at the appraisal stone because he wanted to find out that kids capabilities.

However, Shen Jiaweis jaw nearly fell to the floor when he saw the results on the appraisal stone.

The huge stone did not radiate the usual white luster that everyone had expected.

Instead, it gradually released a layer of red glow.

Red-colored battle aura was the indication for an archer!

Shen Jiawei would never have expected the scrawny kid to have broken through to the sixth rank and had even chosen a profession as an archer.

It was apparent that the kid was also younger than him.

How old was he Thirteen Or fourteen

The kid had successfully stepped into the role of an archer at such a tender age!

Shen Jiaweis expression darkened.

He felt embarrassed when he thought about what he had been thinking in his mind.

One would need to be at the sixth rank in battle aura before one could become an archer.

He had only just broken through to the fifth rank, and he would need at least another year before he would reach the sixth rank.

How could he entertain the notion to find trouble with an archer What a joke!

The rays of red light did not stop there.

After the first layer of red light stabilized, another flash of light appeared on its outer layer.

After one had chosen their profession, every layer of light represented one level.

One by one, rings of light spread out on the appraisal stone as if they were never-ending.

The entire training ground became silent as everyone there fixed their gazes on the blinding red light.

One layer… two layers… three layers… four layers…

More gasps could be heard as the layers of light increased.

Even Fang Xi stood rooted to the ground after the sixth layer appeared.

Six rings of light represented a level-six archer.

A level-six archer ranked higher than an apprentice archer and a junior archer.

They would have reached the level of an intermediate archer.

A thirteen-year-old intermediate archer!

Fang Xi felt as if he was in a dream!

However, the rays of red light did not stop, even after the sixth layer.

Fang Xi thought he had gone crazy when the seventh layer appeared.

Ultimately, the red-colored halos stopped at the eighth layer.

Everyone had been too astonished by what they had witnessed.

A level-eighth archer… That was just one level away from an advanced archer!

No one knew how that little kid who stood in front of them could advance from an intermediate archer to an advanced archer.

The majority of the teachers at the Battle Aura Division were at the same level as an intermediate archer.

That meant that the kid would surpass them soon!

What was even more frightening about that was his young age.

Fang Xi was extremely shocked by the result, and he only managed to recover his sense after a long while.

When he did, he locked his startled gaze onto Shen Yanxiao.

That kid was not a prodigy.

He was an abnormal being!

If news of a thirteen-year-old intermediate archer were to spread out, it would undoubtedly shock some people to their death.

Shen Jiawei wore the ugliest expression on his face.

His previous confidence was shattered into pieces when he saw the eight halos.

He had been so proud of his strength and achievements before that, but the young kid before him was already a level-eight archer.

Even the prodigy of the Vermilion Bird Family, Shen Yifeng, could not compare to that kids talent.

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