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Chapter 256: Battle Aura Division (3)

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Why was there a difference with how Xie Yun treated them

The violet class students were not idiots.

Xiao Yans shocking display of skills at the shooting range showed that he could trounce all of them.

Xie Yun would never overlook such a talented student.

“Do you think its easy for anyone to just obtain Xie Yuns favor Forget about it.

Unless you are as skilled as Xiao Yan, you might as well listen well in class.” Some of the students were envious, but they knew the disparity between their skills.

They were in the same class, but their progress had an insurmountable gap when compared to Xiao Yan.

The Battle Aura Division and the Magic Division were about half an hours journey from the Saint Laurent Academy.

Xie Yun brought Shen Yanxiao on his exclusive carriage.

As the four scarlet-red regal horses galloped at high speed, they managed to reach their destination in less than fifteen minutes.

The two divisions stood side by side, and they were much larger than all the divisions in the Saint Laurent Academy combined.

There were only two paths for students who had yet to break through the sixth rank.

Thus, the capacity for the students in both divisions far exceeded the Magus Division and the rest of the other divisions too.

The academic programs at both divisions were quite different than the ones from the other divisions.

The students there would attend lessons the entire day, and they would spend their afternoon in actual combat practice.

The entire place was empty when Xie Yun led Shen Yanxiao into the Battle Aura Division.

Not a single silhouette could be seen.

As they continued to walk for quite some time, they finally reached an open training ground.

“There are twelve training grounds here in the Battle Aura Division, and each of those grounds can accommodate a thousand students.

They are currently doing a battle aura test for the past few days, and some of the training ground even have ten appraisal stones.

I think they have borrowed all the appraisal stones that we have in the academy.” Xie Yun stood at the entrance as he looked at the students who were queuing at the training ground in an orderly fashion.

The students there were around fourteen to fifteen years old.

Some of them would be able to break through the sixth rank in a short time.

Then they would be transferred to the primary academy to choose between three professions to train there.

They were quite young when compared to the rest of the students from the primary academy.

However, Shen Yanxiao was even younger than them.

Even though she was younger than them, Shen Yanxiao had already broken through the sixth rank.

Furthermore, she displayed outstanding talents in archery, and those students there still struggled in the Battle Aura Division.

One could see it in a glance and tell who had higher or lower skills and talents.

The teacher at the training ground noticed Xie Yun very soon.

He handed his work to another teacher and walked toward Xie Yun.

“Teacher Xie Yun, why have you graced us with your presence today” That teacher chuckled as he looked at Xie Yun.

He was merely an ordinary teacher at the Battle Aura Division, and he was not comparable to someone like Xie Yun, who was the head of the Archer Division.

“I came here to deliver some items to the head of your division, Ling Xiao, and to bring this student here to test for his battle aura.”

The Battle Aura and Magic Divisions had borrowed all of the academys appraisal stones, and thus it was only reasonable for Xie Yun to bring his student there.

The teacher finally noticed Shen Yanxiao when Xie Yun said that.

Shen Yanxiao had a rather petite figure, and her slender arms looked powerless too.

Her plain face also had no expression on it.

That was why the teacher could not figure out what was so special about that student that Xie Yun would bring her there personally.

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