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Chapter 248: Moonlight Necklace (1)

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“At that time, he allowed me to become the sole student in the Warlock Division.

However, I did not expect him to be here tonight.

He already promised my teacher that he would not disturb me for the next half a year.”

Ouyang Huanyus appearance was not a good omen.

No one else would know what he was after.

Qi Xia looked at Shen Yanxiao as he thought of something.

It was clear that Ouyang Huanyu wanted to capture her, but it was inconsistent with his initial promise.

‘Warlocks are outcasts in the Brilliance Continent, and thousands of academies had demolished their Warlock Division since a long time ago.

Saint Laurent Academy is the only academy to keep their Warlock Division intact.

Many people doubted Ouyang Huanyus decision to do that as it seemed meaningless to retain the division.

However, he had persisted with his decision.

I now believe that it is not as simple as it seems.”

“I also think that Ouyang Huanyu is behaving very strangely.

But I still have to go back to the Warlock Division because my teacher is there.” However, if Ouyang Huanyu continued to stand guard there, then he would catch her eventually.

It did not matter what his motives were, Shen Yanxiao simply did not wish to expose her identity yet.

“You wont be able to return there tonight, for sure.

He will not leave until he gets the person he has been waiting for,” Qi Xia said.

“In that case, I shall only go back there tomorrow.” Shen Yanxiao had a headache.

It had been three days since she was at the Warlock Division, and she wondered if Yun Qi was just as anxious about it as she was.

After he listened to Qi Xia and Shen Yanxiaos conversation, Yan Yu gave it some more thoughts before he said, “Ouyang Huanyu has a class at the Priest Division tomorrow morning.

Why dont you go then Tell your teacher what had happened today and see if he has any solution.”

“Xiaoxiao, is your teacher also a warlock” Yang Xi asked with curiosity.

“I did not expect that a warlock would remain at the Saint Laurent Academy.

He must not be a simple warlock if he survived the suppression,” Qi Xia said as he stroke his jaw.

Armies from different large continents had banded together to subdue the warlocks, and it was a great tragedy.

Reputable warlocks were expelled from empires, and the troops also eradicated those who engaged in forbidden curses.

A small number of warlocks managed to leave the Brilliance Continent, and some hid in Forsaken Land as they struggled to survive.

One could not even find a single warlock in most of the empires, including the Longxuan Empire.

That was why no one would expect to find a hidden warlock in the Saint Laurent Academys Warlock Division.

The warlock must have gotten express permission from Ouyang Huanyu since he managed to escape the hunt and the banishment.

The dean had not mentioned the Warlock Division for years, so no one in the world would suspect that a warlock lived there.

He was definitely not a simple figure if he had Ouyang Huanyus protection.

Qi Xia and the rest of them were quite curious about the warlock, but they had the decency not to ask Shen Yanxiao about her teacher.

After the tragedy, it was only natural that the warlocks would guard themselves against others.

They did not want to make things difficult for Shen Yanxiao.

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