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Shen Yanxiao pursed her lips.

The nameShen Yu was stuck in her throat.

Then she smiled at Yun Qi, and with sincerity, she said, “My name is Shen Yanxiao.”

“Shen Yanxiao…” Yun Qi repeated the name as if it felt strange on his tongue.

It was a somewhat feminine name.

Could it be…

Yun Qi looked at Shen Yanxiao in shock.

“Are you a woman”

Shen Yanxiao smiled as she nodded her head.

She took a bottle of potion from her space ring and poured some of its contents onto her palm.

As Yun Qi continued to stare at her in shock, she rubbed the potion onto her face and gently wiped them off with her sleeves.

As she cleaned the dark tone off her face, her fair and bright skin slowly appeared.

In the blink of an eye, a young lady with fair skin and flushed cheeks appeared in front of Yun Qi.

When Yun Qi saw her bright and innocent eyes, a sharp and defined nose, and her sweet cherry lips, even though she was still young, he knew that she could take over the world if she wanted to when she grew older.visit our L istnovel.com

Yun Qi had seen many people in his lifetime, and he was still stunned when he saw Shen Yanxiaos actual appearance.

He had seen the most attractive and seductive water demon in the pacific country, and he had also seen the most beautiful sacred elf in the Luna Continent, but those so-called beauties could not even compare to that kid.

She looked like a goddess who had fallen into the world, but she also looked like a devil that hid amongst the humans.

No one would dare to utter a word in front of that beauty as they were afraid that they would disturb the pure silence.

“You…” Yun Qi was stunned for quite a while, and then he came to his senses.

His face turned red as he thought about how he had stared at that little girl for far too long, and he coughed awkwardly.

Then he remembered something and said, “Your surname is Shen What is your relationship with the Vermillion Bird Family”

“The current head of the Vermilion Bird Family, Shen Feng, is my grandfather.” Shen Yanxiao did not notice Yun Qis awkwardness.

As a woman, she was not conscious of her own beauty.

“I see, you are from the Vermilion Bird Family.” Yun Qi nodded, and at the same time, he frowned.

“Does your family know that you are learning black magic” It was great that Shen Yanxiao was willing to learn black magic.

However, with the Vermilion Bird Familys status, he was sure that the family would never allow their children to acquire such a shady profession.

Shen Yanxiao rubbed her nose and said, “My parents had passed away many years ago, and my grandfather does not know that I am studying black magic.

He only sent me to the Saint Laurent Academy so that I could learn about the Herbalist Specialization.”

“Herbalist Specialization” Yun Qi scoffed.

The Herbalist Specialization was a popular choice amongst the younger generation, but Shen Yanxiao had the talent to become a warlock.

If she were to continue in the Herbalist Specialization, it would be a total waste of her abilities.

Shen Yanxiao laughed.

Yun Qis eyes could see nothing except black magic.

“Do you plan to keep on hiding I know you heard what the cunning Ouyang Huanyu had said.

He will no longer investigate the matter, but he does want you to participate in the competition in half a years time.

You may be able to hide your identity now.

However, if you were to win it, the Emperor will announce you as the victor.

You will no longer be able to hide then, Im afraid.”

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