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Chapter 2221 - 2221 Love and Hate (1)

2221 Love and Hate (1)

“Mimi Si, thats enough! I dont want to know how much your broken potions can be sold for.

Im not interested in potions at all!” Gege Lu opened his mouth angrily, and his words confirmed Shen Yanxiaos suspicions.

Mimi Si was not angry.

She just looked at Gege Lu with a smile.

Pipi Ka had a complicated expression on his face.

Soon, the craze for Mimi Sis potions was set off, and dwarves continued to bid extremely high prices.

Soon, the bid for the twelve bottles of potions rose.


“Dont be so impatient.

Gege Lu, theres something Id like to ask you.

Is there a new member of your guild named Momo Xiao” Mimi Si suddenly mentioned Shen Yanxiao.

Gege Lus expression slightly changed and he turned his head away somewhat awkwardly, “Why do you ask this”

“A few days ago, Kaka Qi sent me a bottle of potion with very high purity.

After studying it for a while, I found that the potion was much better than the potions we used on a daily basis, and I found an interesting formula from it.

The potions I put up for auction today were also improved from that bottle of potion.

Kaka Qi said that the bottle of potion was bought from a member of your guild.” Mimi Si looked at Gege Lu with a serious expression.

“So what if he bought it from Momo Xiao Momo Xiao is a member of our Alchemist Guild and has nothing to do with herbalism!” Gege Lus tone was a little excited.

The only thing he was glad about was that Mimi Si did not know Shen Yanxiao.

Otherwise, if Mimi Si found out that the Momo Xiao she was looking for was actually right next to her, what would happen

Gege Lu could give Kaka Qi attitude, but he could not treat Mimi Si with the same attitude.

No matter how much he hated herbalists, Mimi Si was kind to their guild.

The Alchemist Guild was so poor that they had little extra money to buy potions, but in the process of conducting experiments, accidents were inevitable.

When dwarves were injured, potions were used nine times out of ten.

The Alchemist Guild had no extra money to buy potions, but their guild never lacked potions, which had something to do with Mimi Si.

Mimi Si would often send a large number of potions to Gege Lu without charge.

Although Gege Lu did not want this to happen, he, who was cash-strapped, could only reluctantly accept them for the sake of the safety of the guild members.

No matter how much Gege Lu disliked herbalists, he would never be rude to Mimi Si.

If Mimi Si really found Shen Yanxiao and asked to talk to her, Gege Lu could not stop her.

But the problem was, Gege Lu had always suspected that those magical potions were made by Shen Yanxiao.

He was worried that if Mimi Si found out about this, she would drag Shen Yanxiao directly to the Herbalist Guild, which was not what Gege Lu wanted to see.

Thus, Mimi Si must not find out that Shen Yanxiao was here!

Gege Lu immediately gave Pipi Ka a look.

Seeing this, Pipi Ka sighed helplessly, turned to Shen Yanxiao, and said, “Come out with me for a moment.”

Shen Yanxiao nodded and said nothing more.

She got up and left with Pipi Ka.

In the corner of the venue, Pipi Ka said to Shen Yanxiao with a bitter face, “Momo Xiao, do you know who Master Mimi Si is”

Shen Yanxiao shook her head frankly.

The only thing she knew about Mimi Si was…

Mimi Si was the most beautiful female dwarf she had ever seen.

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