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Chapter 2220 - 2220 High Clouds Auction (6)

2220 High Clouds Auction (6)

The five-star humanoid machine was successfully won by Popo Ai, and then the next item was brought to the auction table.

Dozens of sparkling and translucent bottles of potions were placed on a table covered with a red velvet blanket.

The dwarf responsible for the auction shouted, “Next up for auction is a rebirth potion newly developed by Master Mimi Si.”

“They are potions concocted by Master Mimi Si!”

When the dwarves heard the name Mimi Si, they immediately burst into waves of exclamation.


Compared with the previous deserted bidding of the previous five-star humanoid machine, these twelve bottles of potions had not yet been really introduced, but it had already won the attention of all the dwarves.

“Its just a potion.

Do you have to be so excited” Gege Lu snorted.

Why was it that everywhere he went, he could see herbalists suppressing alchemists

It was just a dozen bottles of potions.

Were they really better than the humanoid machines that alchemists spent their lives building

“Master Mimi Sis products have always been very popular,” Pipi Ka said.

“Well, hes just a little better than other herbalists.” Gege Lu turned his head away awkwardly.

Shen Yanxiao vaguely felt that Gege Lus reaction was strange.

“Who is this Mimi Si” Shen Yanxiao asked.

Pipi Ka looked at Shen Yanxiao in surprise, as if it was an incredible thing that she did not know about Mimi Si.

Shen Yanxiao looked innocently at Pipi Ka.

Pipi Ka sighed.

He really felt that Shen Yanxiao knew nothing about a lot of things.

This little girl couldnt have gone stupid after shutting herself the laboratory all day long, could she

“Mimi Si is our kings royal herbalist and one of the three great herbalists in our Storm Continent.

Her level of herbalism is even better than the presidents of the five major Herbalist Guilds.

Her potions are generally supplied directly to our king and rarely enter the market, so every time they appear, they are sold at a very high price in a very short time.” Pipi Ka explained helplessly.

“If you want to be a herbalist, just be a herbalist.

Why are you still taking it to the auction” Gege Lu snorted with a straight face.

The more Shen Yanxiao looked at it, the more she felt that there was something wrong with Gege Lus reaction.

“After so many years, how can your mouth still be so stinky” All of a sudden, a gentle voice sounded behind Shen Yanxiao and the rest.

The moment Gege Lu heard the voice, his expression became extremely ugly.

A female dwarf in a long dark purple dress with purple gauze on her face came from behind and said to Pipi Ka sitting next to Gege Lu.

“Little guy, make way.”

Pipi Ka immediately moved aside to make space for the woman.

The woman in purple sat down slowly, but as soon as she sat down, Gege Lu jumped up as if struck by lightning and said in a hurry, “I still have something to do.

Ill go first…”

“What The president of a guild is so afraid of me” The woman chuckled.

Gege Lus words were immediately swallowed.

He sat down stiffly, his body looking extremely awkward.

“Who said Im afraid of you I just dont want to talk nonsense with a profiteer like you.”

“Profiteer Do you want to guess how much my potions can be sold for” The purple-robed woman chuckled.

Shen Yanxiao was surprised.

Her potions Didnt that mean that this female dwarf was Master Mimi Si

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