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Chapter 2218 - 2218 High Clouds Auction (4)

2218 High Clouds Auction (4)

“Is the president not angry” Shen Yanxiao looked at Gege Lus back and felt somewhat uncomfortable.


In fact, the president just wants to see the top alchemy products.

Even if he cant buy them, he can know how far he is from the top alchemists.” Pipi Ka said.

“Top alchemists” Shen Yanxiao narrowed her eyes.

Could it be that the alchemists in the Alchemist Guild were not the best

“Real top alchemists dont have to rely on a guild at all.

Every piece of work they make can be exchanged for a very high remuneration, which can completely sustain their expenses in their alchemy research.

Many of them either do their own experiments or are employed by our king.

Although the president has an unusual flame, an unusual flame is only a supporting factor.

The study of alchemy is still to rely on the alchemists themselves, and…” Pipi Ka bit his lip and said,” The president has devoted too much to the guild, which has had a great negative impact on his progress in alchemy.


In the face of the guilds predicament, Gege Lu often did something he did not want to do in exchange for gold coins, which could not improve his level.

Gege Lu had given his whole life to the guild, but he had nothing.

Not only was he not doing well financially, but he was also lagging far behind the top alchemists in terms of alchemy.

Had it not been for the support of the unusual flame, Gege Lu would have been removed from his position as president.

“Hes the best president Ive ever seen,” Shen Yanxiao sincerely said.

Pipi Ka patted Shen Yanxiao on the shoulder and said, “Our president is naturally the best president.

Lets not talk about this anymore.

If we say too much, the president will be sad.

This should be your first time participating in the High Clouds Auction, right Just wait and see the fun here.”

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