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Chapter 2217 - 2217 High Clouds Auction (3)

2217 High Clouds Auction (3)

Shen Yanxiao wanted to die.

She could be regarded as the poorest she had been since her rebirth.

She only had five gold coins all over her body, but she was still called a local tycoon by a group of alchemists…

Shen Yanxiao felt that if she took out her purse for them to observe, they would strangle her.

After a little preparation, Gege Lu took more than a dozen alchemists to the High Clouds Auction.

At this Alchemist Convention, nearly 700 free members of the Pukos Alchemist Guild came, and a large part of them were so poor that they did not even have the courage to go to the auction.

Only a dozen or so alchemists, who had the same mentality as Gege Lu, came running after them.


Shen Yanxiao was forcibly dragged over by Gege Lu.

The High Clouds Auction was located in the southeast corner of the capital city, and it occupied a large area.

When Gege Lu came over with Shen Yanxiao and the others, the auction had been going on for some time.

The two dwarves guarding the door looked a little impatient after seeing Gege Lu.

“President Gege Lu, youre here again” One of the dwarves asked in a helpless tone.

Who in the capital city did not know that although Gege Lu was the president of a guild, he was a president poorer than any alchemist.

He could be regarded as a regular of the High Clouds Auction House, but this regular customer had never bought anything from the auction.

This made the dwarf responsible for the auction very disdainful.

They could not afford anything, so why did they have to come here

“Ha, yes.” Gege Lu did not notice the other partys attitude and still had a smile on his face.

“President Gege Lu, what are you going to buy this time Dont leave your purse in the guild again.

Do you want to check it first” Another dwarf said angrily.

Every time Gege Lu came before, he would give all kinds of reasons to cover up the fact that he did not bid for anything before he left.

Because he was short of money, Gege Lu had never called out a price at the auction.

When others asked, he either said that he had lost his purse or that he was not interested in what was being auctioned, but how could he not be interested when he looked like he wanted to pounce on it during the auction

The dwarves at the High Clouds Auction had long been accustomed to Gege Lus lies.

The other partys tone was very impolite, so the smile on Gege Lus face was somewhat stiff.

“Lets take a look first, lets take a look first.” Gege Lu stiffly pulled up the corners of his mouth.

The High Clouds Auction had clear rules for every guest participating.

Only when the funds had reached a certain point could they be allowed to enter, while the presidents of the major guilds had the privilege to enter directly.

Otherwise, with Gege Lus wealth, he probably could not even enter the door.

“Oh, you want to take a look first again President, please,” the two guards said with a fake smile.

Even though they saidplease, their attitude was extremely arrogant.

The smile on Gege Lus face was somewhat ugly, but he endured the loss in his heart and turned to Shen Yanxiao and others, “Come, lets go in first.” With that said, he immediately turned around and concealed the loss in his eyes.

Shen Yanxiao frowned.

She did not like the attitude of the two guards.

As the president of a guild, no matter how poor Gege Lu was, he would not have fallen to this state.

He had become like this because he was devoted to the guild.

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