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Chapter 2215 - 2215 High Clouds Auction (1)

2215 High Clouds Auction (1)

The Puko Alchemist Guild had a large rest area in the capital city.

Shen Yanxiao followed Gege Lu and the others to their accommodation.

As soon as they entered, they saw a dense crowd of dwarves chattering together.

“Ao ao ao, look at my latest mechanical puppet.

It is super awesome!” A dwarf pointed to the huge mechanical puppet behind him and boasted loudly.

“Bringing mechanical puppets of such quality, and you still have the cheek to bring them here.

Be careful that the president will strangle you to death.

Look at mine, a three-star humanoid machine.

This is what you call awesome!” Another dwarf patted his humanoid machine smugly.


“I say, dont show off your useless waste here.

Four-star, come and worship!”

Almost every alchemist had a mechanical puppet around them.

Whether it was a mechanical puppet or a humanoid machine, the size of each puppet was different.

These alchemists built the size of mechanical life according to their preferences.

Some would even draw beautiful totems or put on beautiful colors on their humanoid machines.

For alchemists, humanoid machines were equivalent to their children, and while dwarves would not be eager to dress up, they would definitely dress up their work carefully.

Here, you could often see a ragged alchemist followed by a golden humanoid machine.

When such a contrast was in front of your eyes, the surprise was huge.

“You guys are early,” Gege Lu smiled and said.

“President!” The dwarves, who had been bustling with activity, calmed down immediately after seeing Gege Lu.

They greeted him together.

“President, who is this” A dwarf noticed Shen Yanxiaos figure.

Since Shen Yanxiao entered the Alchemist Guild, she had been covered with a cloak all day long.

Except for her pair of eyes, none of her appearance could be seen at all.

Her outfit was quite strange among dwarves.

“This is Momo Xiao, a new member of our guild.

Dont bully her, or Ill beat you to death.” Gege Lu pretended to be serious and waved his fist, but in fact, he was joking.

“President, do you think we look like that kind of people”

“President, you are too paranoid.”

A group of dwarves opened their mouths with a smile.

“President, theres an auction at the High Clouds Auction House today.

Do you want to go and take a look” A dwarf suddenly said.

“Theres an auction in the High Clouds today” A trace of expectation immediately appeared on Gege Lus face.

Shen Yanxiao had some doubts.

Pipi Ka, who stood next to her, whispered, “High Clouds Auction House is the only auction house in our Storm Continent.

Only the best of the best will be auctioned there.

Generally speaking, humanoid machines below four stars are not eligible to enter the auction…”

Pipi Ka patiently explained to Shen Yanxiao.

Originally, dwarves were accustomed to buying things in the bazaar, but some precious things were hard to sell in bazaars because the price was too high.

Therefore, the Dwarf King opened an auction house in the capital city, specializing in selling expensive luxury goods.

The High Clouds Auction House was only open three times a year for three days each time, and some precious items commissioned during the previous period would be put up for sale.

Every time an auction was held, a lot of wealthy dwarves would come to attend.

At the High Clouds Auction House, you could see precious things that were not usually seen in a bazaar.

If you wanted to broaden your horizons, going there was always the right place.

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