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Chapter 2214 - 2214 Alchemist Convention (3)

2214 Alchemist Convention (3)

Pukos Bazaar was not far from the capital city.

The alchemists Gege Lu picked to attend the Alchemist Convention quickly prepared the products they would be displayed.

Seven days later, they got into the carriage to the capital city.

If there were any cities in the Storm Continent, it would be the capital city.

The capital city of the dwarves was similar to the city where human beings lived.

It was surrounded by towering walls on all sides and was divided into east and west gates.

In the capital city, the trading area was also divided, but unlike other bazaars, the items sold in the capital city were rare items with a certain value.

Ordinary goods could not be sold here.

This was Shen Yanxiaos first time in the capital city of dwarves.

As soon as she got out of the carriage, she took a closer look at the splendor of the number one city on the dwarven continent.


Although it was built by dwarves, the height of the city walls was no different from that seen in human society.

On the walls, huge cannons were mounted on hard stones, and teams of dwarven soldiers patrolled the walls continuously.

The alchemy skills of the dwarves were vividly reflected in the capital city.

Whether in terms of offensive or defensive structures, the capital city of the dwarves could be regarded as the peak.

Shen Yanxiao was sure that the defenses of this city were even stronger than her Sun Never Sets!

“So many dwarves.” The alchemists got out of the carriages and watched the dwarves coming in through the city gates.

They could not help but sigh.

“This is expected.

At the annual Alchemists Convention, all the good alchemists in the continent will gather here.

Dont embarrass our guild, or I will kill you when I get back.” Gege Lu waved his fist.

“President, you can rest assured that we will not embarrass our guild.” The surrounding alchemists answered with a smile.

Whether it was the Herbalist Guild or the Alchemist Guild, they were divided into resident members and free members.

Members like Pipi Ka, who stayed in the guild all year round, were resident members.

There were as many as three hundred resident members in the Puko Alchemist Guild.

There were also many members who did not often appear in the guild, but chose to stay in the community.

Most of them would report to the guild at the end of the quarter, bringing their progress and the most perfect work of the quarter to the guild for evaluation and guidance by Gege Lu.

The Puko Alchemist Guild had as many as 120 resident members in the capital city, and the number of free members was hard to measure.

Looking at the Storm Continent, the number of alchemists was really an insane number, and it was growing at a terrible rate every day.

As the most popular profession among the dwarves, the number of alchemists was always terrifyingly high.

It was also because of this large number of alchemists that dwarves had such a powerful fighting force.

For the annual Alchemists Convention, all alchemists were full of expectations and enthusiasm.

No matter where they were in the Storm Continent before, they would try their best to come to the capital city during this period of time to watch the amazing show.

“Take a rest in our territory first.

Momo Xiao, you will see the real strength of our guild later.” Gege Lu stretched his hands and feet.

In the capital city, each guild had its own area of activity, which was provided by the Dwarf King to provide a place for the members of each guild to rest during the convention.

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