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Chapter 2213 - 2213 Alchemist Convention (2)

2213 Alchemist Convention (2)

The Alchemist Convention was held every year in the Storm Continent.

The purpose was for the most elite group of alchemists in the Storm Continent to communicate with each other, share their experiences with each other, and then display their best alchemy products in front of the Dwarf King.

The winner of the convention could get a rather generous reward.

These rewards were a very important source of income for the Alchemist Guilds that lived in extreme poverty, so at this time of year, the major Alchemist Guilds would work hard to get first place.

For the Puko Alchemist Guild, whose poverty index had already defied the natural order, this was a great opportunity that could not be missed!

Early in the morning, Gege Lu summoned all the alchemists to discuss how to make extra money.


“There are seven days before the Alchemist Convention.

During this time, I hope you can make your best work,” Gege Lu said with high fighting spirit.

Although Gege Lu had begun to accept the “funding” of some members during this period of time, for guilds like them, who had been unable to get rid of the word “poor”, they would never complain about having too much money!

“Yes! President!”

Fortunately, with the batch of metals sent by Shen Yanxiao before, the research progress of the guild during this period had been very smooth and fast, and many alchemists had also made good alchemy products.

Right now, everyone in the guild liked Shen Yanxiao, this new member.

After that incident, Shen Yanxiao began her stale life again, but her image in the minds of the guild members had become extremely lofty.

“Momo Xiao, you should go with us this time,” Gege Lu suddenly said to Shen Yanxiao behind the crowd.

Shen Yanxiao, who had always been a bystander, looked up in surprise when she was suddenly called out.

She had just entered the guild not long ago, and not every alchemist could attend this Alchemist Convention.

With this in mind, she really didnt expect Gege Lu to call her along.

“Me But I dont have any outstanding alchemy products.” Shen Yanxiao knew that this Alchemist Convention was very important to the guild.

She had been studying sacred tools during this period of time and had not made anything that was considered amazing by the high standards of dwarves.

Letting her go with them basically had no effect.

“It doesnt matter.

Just think of it as a learning excursion,” Gege Lu smiled and said.

Shen Yanxiaos alchemy research was very hard, and although the direction was a little unpopular, this persistence was admirable.

There was also something Gege Lu had not said.

During this period of time, the president of the Herbalist Guild, Kaka Qi, had come to Shen Yanxiao many times to ask about her friend, which made Gege Lu very dissatisfied.

He already suspected that Shen Yanxiao was the real creator of the potion.

So what if Kaka Qi had the same suspicions

If he took his guild members to the capital city and left Shen Yanxiao here without him watching, wouldnt Kaka Qi keep harassing Shen Yanxiao

This was absolutely intolerable!!

Shen Yanxiao was a member of their guild.

How could they let the Herbalist Guild get their hands on her

So after thinking again and again, Gege Lu decided to take Shen Yanxiao with him.

He would not leave Kaka Qi any chance to poach their talents.

“Alright.” Shen Yanxiao had nothing to object to.

She originally intended to wait until the Dwarf King summoned the chieftain to swap places with Taotie.

But with President Gege Lus words, it was more convenient to follow the guild directly to the capital city.

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