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Chapter 2212 - 2212 Alchemist Convention (1)

2212 Alchemist Convention (1)

Waiting in the carriage was a man dressed in black light armor.

He wore a mask that concealed his entire appearance.

“Young Master Xun” The moment the man saw Mo Yuxun, he was slightly stunned.

“Cancel the plan.” Mo Yuxun gave a direct order.

“Why” The man was somewhat at a loss.

Their task tonight was to take away several alchemists from the Puko Alchemist Guild, but not long after Mo Yuxun went to guild, he came back empty-handed and gave such a completely incomprehensible order.


“Lord Ouyang has chosen this place.

If you change it without permission, he…”

Before the man in black could finish speaking, Mo Yuxun had already grabbed his neck, and his slender and clean fingers tightened bit by bit, as if he could snap the other partys neck in the next second.

“I… I understand…” The man in black answered in horror.

Mo Yuxun finally put down his hand and sat in the carriage without saying a word.

“Is there something wrong with Mo Yuxun Did he just leave”

After returning to the room, Vermillion Bird jumped out of Shen Yanxiaos body in the first instant.

He had been ready to deal with Mo Yuxun together with the fire elemental spirit, but everything ended without a warm up.

Vermillion Bird never expected such a scenario.

“Who knows I feel… hes acting strangely.” Shen Yanxiao was also confused.

She had little contact with Mo Yuxun.

So far, she had only met him three times.

It was really a bit confusing that Mo Yuxun would leave so readily.

She had never felt the slightest killing intent from Mo Yuxun.

Originally, before she appeared, she could still vaguely feel the hostility from Mo Yuxun, but as soon as she appeared, even that hostility disappeared without a trace.

Mo Yuxun not doing anything was good news for Shen Yanxiao.

She did not have to expose the fire elemental spirit too early.


Just because Mo Yuxun did not attack the Puko Alchemist Guild tonight did not mean that he would not in the future.

Shen Yanxiao still had to be 120% attentive.

With a cautious attitude, Shen Yanxiao did not sleep early for the next few nights.

However, in the following nights, Mo Yuxun never appeared again.

He seemed to have given up on the Puko Alchemist Guild.

The days passed without any mishaps.

Shen Yanxiao continued to fight to the death with superior sacred tools during the day and sat quietly in her room at night, guarding against Mo Yuxuns visit.

However, Mo Yuxun seemed to have disappeared, and the fire elemental spirit never sensed his presence again.

Before Mo Yuxun reappeared, Shen Yanxiao heard an important piece of news.

In a few days, the Dwarf King would meet the chieftains of all tribes in the capital city, and on that day, another important thing would unfold.

The Storm Continents annual Alchemist Convention was about to begin, and the venue happened to be in the capital city.

The time coincided with the arrival of the chieftains.

As soon as the news came out, Gege Lu summoned all the alchemists in the Puko Alchemist Guild.

From the crowd, he would select a group of excellent alchemists to represent the Puko Alchemist Guild at the convention.

As a member who had just joined the guild, Shen Yanxiao was also called over.

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