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Chapter 2210 - 2210 Goodbye (3)

2210 Goodbye (3)

“Where is he” Shen Yanxiaos cells tensed up.

Mo Yuxun was no weaker than Lan Fengli.

Even Shen Yanxiao did not know how terrifying Lan Fenglis full strength was.

So far, Shen Yanxiao had never seen Lan Fengli lose.

“Not long after entering Pukos Bazaar, they are heading this way.” Xius perception could cover the whole bazaar.


Shen Yanxiao narrowed her eyes and suddenly stood up.

“Where are you going” The fire elemental spirit asked when it saw Shen Yanxiaos actions.

“The goal of him coming here must be the dwarves of the Alchemist Guild.

I wont let him succeed.” Shen Yanxiao secretly clenched her fist.

If she let Mo Yuxun take the dwarves from under her nose, she should just slit her neck and kill herself.

“Ill accompany you.” The fire elemental spirit did not question Shen Yanxiaos actions at all.

For it, it only knew that Shen Yanxiao was its companion.

Since they were comrades, they should support each other no matter what they wanted to do.

The thoughts of elemental spirits were so simple.

“Alright.” When Shen Yanxiao saw the fire elemental spirit, the corners of her mouth suddenly raised into a nasty smile.

She asked Xiu in her mind, “Xiu, how strong are elemental spirits”

“No devils or gods would want to provoke them.”

Xiu gave Shen Yanxiao a simple answer.

Satan, as savage as he was, would not want to be an enemy of elemental spirits.

Before the war between gods and devils began, Satan had warned the devil soldiers that no matter what the situation was, if they encountered an elemental spirit, they should not disturb it, let alone be its enemy.

From the moment elemental spirits were born, they had the power to manipulate the elements.

To be their enemy was to be the enemy of the world.

Shen Yanxiao had only encountered a few young elemental spirits before, and their ability to manipulate natural elements was still very limited.

A real adult elemental spirit could overturn seas and rivers in an instant, turn the sea into dry and cracked earth in the blink of an eye, and turn the desert under the scorching sun into a land of ice and snow in an instant.

Storm, lightning, lava…

All the elements in this world could be used by them.

“Then compared to Mo Yuxun…” Shen Yanxiao knew that elemental spirits were very strong, but it had to be an adult elemental spirit.

The one next to her, although already taller than her, was still a newborn that had just arrived in the world.

This was simply a baby, okay

“With it, you can be safe even if I dont take action,” Xiu lightly said.

Shen Yanxiao was suddenly filled with confidence.

Fusion of seven races

Hehe, she would like to see if they could beat an elemental spirit.

“Little Fire, turn back into your furball form first.” Shen Yanxiaos eyes flickered with a nasty light.

“Ah.” The fire elemental spirit blinked its eyes.

Although it did not understand Shen Yanxiaos intentions, it still obediently returned to its furball form.

Shen Yanxiao stretched out one hand and held the little furball in her arms.

“Alright, now Im going to meet thatYoung Master Xun.”

In the dark night, an agile figure flashed quickly.

Under the moonlight, a young man dressed in black walked around like a ghost.

There was no emotion on his breathtaking face, only coldness and indifference.

He came quietly and soundlessly.

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