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Chapter 2207 - 2207 Deceived (3)

2207 Deceived (3)

Gege Lu simply couldnt listen to it anymore.

No matter how generous Momo Xiao was, she could not be generous to the dwarves of the Herbalist Guild.

The Herbalist Guild was so rich that they still needed the members of their Alchemist Guild to provide them potions

This was simply intolerable!

“Sure, Ill buy it! Little guy, how much is it” Kaka Qi also had a temper.

He had not found the herbalist he was looking for, and now that Gege Lu was so unyielding, he was also angry for a moment.

“I sold it for five hundred gold coins.” Shen Yanxiao thought about it.


“Alright! Ill give you five hundred gold coins per bottle!” Kaka Qis heroic spirit soared.

Gege Lu secretly gnashed his teeth in hatred.

Looking at Kaka Qis boldness, he was furious.

Why was the treatment of herbalists so good!

“Who told you the price of five hundred gold coins is for you! One bottle for a thousand gold coins! Take it or leave it!” Gege Lu could be said to be competing with Kaka Qi.

“Gege Lu, dont go too far!”

“How am I going far Your Herbalist Guild actually came to buy potions from the members of our Alchemist Guild.

Wont this make others laugh their teeth off Our king invests so much money in you every year, not for you to pretend to be a lord here! You cant make good potions yourself, so you still have to go outside and buy them! Do you have the cheek to say that you are the Herbalist Guild” Gege Lu roared.

They were both guilds, but their Alchemist Guild dared to pat their chest and guarantee that the alchemists in their guild would never be inferior to any alchemist.

The best alchemy products were definitely produced by their Alchemist Guild, but what about the Herbalist Guild

They took a lot of money and enjoyed the best treatment, but in the end, they could not achieve anything.


“You!” Kaka Qi choked on Gege Lus words.

The Herbalist Guilds slow progress in developing potions had always been a sore spot for Kaka Qi.

“Take it or leave it! If you dont buy it, well keep it for ourselves!” Gege Lu snorted with his arms crossed over his chest.

“Who says I wont buy it! Ill buy it! A thousand gold coins it is, just treat it as me helping your Alchemist Guild!”

“You still have the cheek to say that Bah!”

Seeing that the presidents of the two guilds were about to fight on the street, Shen Yanxiao immediately stepped forward and quickly took five bottles of potions from her storage ring and stuffed them into Kaka Qis hands.

“These are the potions I have left, a total of five thousand gold coins.” If the two of them continued to fight like this, who knew how much trouble they would cause.

As soon as Kaka Qi saw the potions, he immediately calmed down.

He carefully took the potions and handed it to the herbalist standing on one side, after which he immediately took out his purse and threw it to Gege Lu.

“Take the five thousand gold coins!”

The corner of Gege Lus mouth twitched slightly.

Kaka Qi actually threw out five thousand gold coins so lightly.

Looking at himself again, for the sake of the guild, he was about to sell his precious creations.

They were both presidents of guilds, but why was the difference so huge

“Momo Xiao, put the money away.

Lets go back!” Gege Lu stuffed the purse to Shen Yanxiao and turned away, not wanting to see Kaka Qi flaunting his wealth here again!

So what if youre rich!

There was Shen Yanxiao in their Alchemist Guild!

Shen Yanxiao sighed helplessly.

Holding the heavy purse, she nodded to Kaka Qi and followed her other companions back to the Alchemist Guild.

Kaka Qi and the herbalist, with complicated thoughts, went back with five bottles of potions.

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