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Chapter 2206 - 2206 Deceived (2)

2206 Deceived (2)

Shen Yanxiao shook her head.

Gege Lu did not say a single word during the exchange.

The dialogue between Kaka Qi and Shen Yanxiao gave birth to a strange idea in his heart.

Shen Yanxiao had said before that the gold coins to buy these metals were made by her own hobby.

As far as Gege Lu knew, the amount of money needed to buy such a large number of metals could be said to be very large.

Since Shen Yanxiao said it was a hobby, it could not be an alchemy product.

In the current trading market, other than alchemy products, only potions and raw materials could be sold quickly.


Shen Yanxiao also admitted that she had gone to sell potions today, but in the face of Kaka Qis inquiry, she pushed the source of the potions to her unknown friend, which was different from what Shen Yanxiao said to him.

Gege Lu could not help but wonder.

Could it be that those potions were actually made by Shen Yanxiao

Herbalism was actually her “hobby”

Gege Lu was shocked by his own thoughts.

From Kaka Qis words, it was not difficult to tell that the herbalist Kaka Qi was looking for could make very powerful potions, even more powerful than the potions created by the herbalists in the Herbalist Guild.

Otherwise, Kaka Qi would not be in such a hurry to find that mysterious herbalist

Gege Lu had heard before that in order to find a mysterious herbalist, Kaka Qi did not hesitate to join hands with the Herbalist Guilds in several other large bazaars, but after so long, they found nothing.

Could it be…

Gege Lus eyes subconsciously looked at Shen Yanxiao.

Although Shen Yanxiaos level in alchemy was not top-notch, she had an unusual flame, and her growth speed was the fastest among the alchemists Gege Lu had ever seen.

Even though he had never seen Shen Yanxiaos appearance, it was not difficult to tell from her voice that she was not old.

At her age, being able to get to this point in alchemy was already very good.

How could she still have the experience to study herbalism And the level of her pharmaceutical skills was even higher than Kaka Qi

A series of doubts lingered in Gege Lus mind.

He kept guessing and denying.

“Well, can you tell me some description of your friend Or did your friend mention where they were going to train” Kaka Qi was still unwilling to give up.

Even if there was only a one in a thousand chance, he wanted to give it a try.

“Hes an old man over fifty years old.

He didnt tell me where he was going.

He just said that he was going to get closer to nature and find the true meaning of herbalism.” Shen Yanxiao lied without blushing or gasping for breath.

The Storm Continent was huge.

She described herfriend so broadly that Kaka Qi and others would have a hard time finding it.

Sure enough, after Kaka Qi heard thedescription from Shen Yanxiao, the smile on his face was uglier than a cry.

The Storm Continent was so big, and there were so many dense forests deep in the mountains.

How could he know which corner that mysterious herbalist would hide in to train

“Then Id like to ask, do you have any more of his potions” Kaka Qi also knew that with this clue alone, it was impossible to find that mysterious herbalist.

“There are a few more bottles on me.

I can give them if you need them…”

Shen Yanxiao just wanted to get rid of Kaka Qi as soon as possible.

She didnt want to expose herself too much, but before Shen Yanxiao could finish speaking, Gege Lu had jumped out.

“What do you mean bygive! The Herbalist Guild is filthy rich.

If you want potions, pay for them yourself!”

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