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Chapter 2204 - 2204 Tycoon Wants to Provide Support (3)

2204 Tycoon Wants to Provide Support (3)

Shen Yanxiaos words touched not only Gege Lu, but also the other members of the Alchemist Guild.

“President, dont refuse Momo Xiaos good intentions.

We will work hard in the future.

We also want to contribute to the guild.” Pipi Ka stood up in the first instant.

Every time Gege Lu secretly sold his alchemy products, Pipi Ka was very distressed.

How useless they were to put so much pressure on their president.

“President, the guild belongs to all of us.

We have to protect it together!”

“President, please give us such an opportunity!”


All the alchemists stood out to support Shen Yanxiao.

Gege Lus eyes were already wet.

He wiped his eyes and said, “Momo Xiao, thank you.”

“Im the one who should thank you.

If you hadnt taken me in, my alchemy level wouldnt have grown so quickly,” Shen Yanxiao said.

Gege Lu finally chose to accept Shen Yanxiaos good intentions.

Shen Yanxiaos approach not only moved Gege Lu, but also made the members of the Alchemist Guild feel extremely emotional.

At the same time, Shen Yanxiao had set an example for them!

The hustle and bustle on the side of the Alchemist Guild made Kaka Qi, who stood at the door of the Herbalist Guild, feel quite emotional.

The benefits of alchemists were indeed not as good as theirs, but in such adversity, they had such great unity.

No matter how disagreeable they were to each other, Kaka Qi had to say that they were all a group of good people.

“President…” The herbalist standing next to Kaka Qi suddenly opened his mouth with a trembling voice.

“Those alchemists are not too useless.

If our guild were to encounter such a situation one day, I would be content if you had their hearts.” Kaka Qi lamented.

“No! Im not talking about that! That… That alchemist, that is the dwarf I saw in the pharmaceutical trading area!” The herbalist nervously grabbed Kaka Qis arm and quickly spilled what he wanted to say.

Kaka Qi froze.

He looked at the herbalist and then at the little figure standing among the alchemist standing opposite of him, wrapped tightly in a cloak.

“You… Are you sure Are you sure you have not mistaken” Kaka Qis voice suddenly turned deep.

“I cant be wrong!”

Kaka Qi swallowed his saliva.

“How is that possible That dwarf looks like a member of the Alchemist Guild.

She must be an alchemist…”

Which dwarf could make potions while doing alchemy

Stop joking.

That kind of heaven-defying pervert did not exist, okay

“Maybe she sold it on that persons behalf” The herbalist also felt that no dwarf in the world could study both fields simultaneously.

After all, alchemy and herbalism were very time-consuming.

“Thats right.” Kaka Qi calmed down when he thought about this possibility.

“President, should we ask” The herbalist suggested.

Kaka Qi hesitated for a moment.

His relationship with Gege Lu was not very good, but when he thought that Shen Yanxiao might be the only clue to that mysterious herbalist, he could not care so much.

“Lets go and ask!”

Gege Lu was still moved by the unity of his members.

But when he saw Kaka Qi, the president of the Herbalist Guild, come over with a herbalist, Gege Lu immediately sorted out his state of mind and recovered his former elegance.

“Kaka Qi, what are you doing here” Gege Lu was furious as soon as he saw Kaka Qi.

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