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Chapter 2203 - 2203 Tycoon Wants to Provide Support (2)

2203 Tycoon Wants to Provide Support (2)

“Did you buy these metals” Gege Lu found it hard to believe.

He also wondered if it was another member, but he never thought it was Shen Yanxiao.

Shen Yanxiao had only joined their guild for a short time.

He never thought that she would do anything for the guild.

In addition, Shen Yanxiao was usually either in the library or in the laboratory.

Other than showing up when applying for resources, Gege Lu basically had no more contact with Shen Yanxiao.

“Yes.” Shen Yanxiao nodded.

She was also embarrassed that she had failed to become a nameless hero.


“No! Hurry up and return these metals!” Gege Lus expression changed and he immediately said solemnly, “Our guild doesnt need to squeeze the money of our members yet.”

Gege Lu was gratified that Shen Yanxiao was willing to donate to the guild, but he could not accept her good intentions.

Gege Lu was still not shameless enough to get funding from a member who had only joined the guild for less than ten days.

Shen Yanxiao did use a lot of rare metals, but compared to what was in front of him, it was a drop in the ocean.

Shen Yanxiao sighed and said, “President, please dont refuse these metals.

These metals are not for you, but for myself and other members.

As a member of the Alchemist Guild, I dont have the right to take the resources of the guild for free.”

For Gege Lus stubbornness, Shen Yanxiao really experienced it.

He would rather sell his precious humanoid machine than take a gold coin from his members.

This persistence alone made Shen Yanxiao admire him incomparably.

“No! This money is all your hard work.

Momo Xiao, I am very moved by your approach, but I dont want you to exchange your alchemy products for money.

For us alchemists, every alchemy product is our hard work.

No one will be willing to sell them.” Gege Lu was still very persistent.

Shen Yanxiao was stunned for a moment before she casually laughed and said, “President, you misunderstood.

The source of my money is not from selling my alchemy products.

You should know very well what I am making.

They are not popular on the market.

Even if I were to sell all my works during this period of time, I would not be able to earn much money.

These are just money I made with my hobby.

Even if I did not buy these metals, I would still sell those things.”

Gege Lu was surprised.

To tell the truth, he was surprised that Shen Yanxiao had so much money.

The price of this much metal must be very high.

Even if he sold Lulu, Gege Lu felt that he might not be able to afford this much metal.

“President, the guild belongs to all of us.

We enjoy the benefits of the guild, so it is only right for us to pay a little for the guild.

You should not refuse again.

I will use these metals in the future, and so will everyone.

Dont you want us to have better achievements in alchemy in the future” Shen Yanxiao aimed at Gege Lus mind.

She knew that he was a very impartial president.

He was devoted to the welfare of the members of the guild.

It was not wrong to start with this.

Sure enough, Shen Yanxiaos words made Gege Lu fall into silence.

It was not that he did not know how bad the current situation of the guild was.

He also knew that in order to reduce expenses, the members of the guild had to use low-grade metals to perform their experiments.

However, the spirituality of low-grade metals was very poor.

This was also the reason why the Puko Alchemist Guild had not created three-star humanoid machines or above for a long time.

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