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Chapter 2202 - 2202 Tycoon Wants to Provide Support (1)

2202 Tycoon Wants to Provide Support (1)

Gege Lu was confused.

Lulu was still in his room, so he had yet to sell it…

How could he have the money to buy all of these metals

Guild members

Gege Lu quickly denied this idea.

The alchemists of the Alchemist Guild had small coffers in their hands, but the total value of the metal in these dozens of carriages was probably beyond the reach of any of them.


Thinking about it, Gege Lu could not figure out who had bought these metals.

The Alchemist Guild was puzzled about a pile of metals of unknown origin, and Kaka Qi, who had just returned in defeat, just happened to come back.

“Has the kings funding been issued” This was Kaka Qis first thought when he saw the metals.

Who didnt know that the Pukos Alchemist Guild was the poorest guild in the whole Storm Continent Except for the quarterly funding period, the president of their guild spent the rest of his time tightening his belt.

It was impossible for Gege Lu to buy so much metal himself.

“No, I was just informed today that the next batch of funding will not be in place for a month.

Moreover, I think the dwarf who delivered the goods should be from the raw materials trading area, not our kings men.” The herbalist immediately shook his head.

The funding of the Herbalist Guild and the Alchemist Guild would generally be sent at the same time, so it was impossible for it to come early for one of them.

“Thats impossible.

Gege Lu, that guy, was still thinking of selling his treasure this morning.

How did he get rich so quickly Dont tell me hes already sold it” Kaka Qi was curious.

Although the two guilds were opposite each other, their relationship was generally not good.

Kaka Qi and Gege Lu were about the same age, and they had ascended to the position of president almost at the same time.

From then on, the two presidents disliked each other.

Dont even think about helping each other in their hour of need.

It was already kind of them not to hit them when they were down.

“I dont know.”

Unable to find the mysterious herbalist, Kaka Qi simply stood at the door and watched the show.

On Gege Lus side, he was very tangled.

On one hand, the guild needed the metals very much, but on the other hand, he did not know the origin of the metals at all, so he could not just accept them in a muddle.

Gege Lus stubbornness was once again reflected.

“I cant take this.

Please send it back.” Gege Lu gritted his teeth and said this.

The courier was immediately unhappy.

“What are you talking about! Weve already taken the money, but you dont want it If you dont want it, I cant push the money to that dwarf.

Dont tell me you want me to bear the reputation of swindling people!” For dwarves, making money was a small matter, but if their character were insulted, they would fight with their lives on the line!

“Thats not what I meant…” Gege Lu was also helpless.

In the face of such a situation, neither side intended to let go of their persistence.

Seeing this, a clocked little fellow who had been watching in the dark for a long time sighed helplessly.

She originally wanted to be an unknown hero, but in the end, she encountered such a stubborn president.

“President, please accept these metals.

I bought them.” Shen Yanxiao, wearing a cloak, slowly came out from one side and finally admitted the source of the metal.

She was afraid that if she did not admit it, Gege Lu could really return all the metals!

“She bought it!” The courier recognized Shen Yanxiao at a glance.

“Momo Xiao!” Gege Lu looked at Shen Yanxiao in surprise.

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