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Chapter 2201 - 2201 Letting a Great Opportunity Slip (3)

2201 Letting a Great Opportunity Slip (3)

Gege Lu bowed his head, his shoulders faintly trembling.

He could not bear to part with his baby, but he had no choice.

The guild had to continue.

This was his responsibility as the president!

“President! President!” Pipi Ka suddenly rushed into the room anxiously.


Gege Lu, with his back to Pipi Ka, hastily wiped the wet corners of his eyes.

When he turned around, he was as calm and dignified as a president should be.

“Pipi Ka, why are you in such a hurry” Gege Lu asked.

“Outside… Outside…” Pipi Ka seemed to have been greatly stimulated as he pointed out the door with one hand and stuttered.

“Speak properly!”

“Alas! Dont talk so much.

President, youll understand if you follow me!” Pipi Ka was extremely anxious, but he didnt know how to explain it as words just could not come out of his mouth.

He directly dragged Gege Lu and rushed out of the guild entrance.

In front of the entrance of the Alchemist Guild, there were a large number of alchemists crowding the area.

It could be said all the alchemists in the guild had run out at this moment.

Gege Lu was dragged all the way here by Pipi Ka, his head full of confusion.

As soon as he went out, he saw so many members standing there in a daze instead of working.

Just as he was about to flip out, he was pushed directly into the crowd by Pipi Ka.

At a glance, Gege Lu froze.

In front of the entrance of the Alchemist Guild, more than a dozen carriages full of metals were parked neatly.

All kinds of metals were piled up like a mountain, shining dazzlingly in the sun.

Gege Lus voice was stuck in his throat.

“This… This is…” Gege Lu stretched out his trembling hand and pointed to the rows of carriages.

“You must be President Gege Lu, right Can you please sign here to make sure that we have delivered the parcel” A dwarf jumped out of the carriage and smilingly asked Gege Lu to sign a long list of bills.

“Deliver… Deliver what” No matter how strong Gege Lus heart was, he could not help but be frightened by what he saw.

What did alchemy love most Alchemy products, of course!

What were alchemy products created with Metal, of course!

As the president of a guild whose warehouse had bottomed out, Gege Lu was completely dumbstruck by the swarm of so many metals.

This was similar to stuffing a person who had starved for several years into a kitchen filled with food.

The impact was extraordinary!

“Seventeen wagons of metals, five wagons of rare metals…” The courier stared at the bill and named the metals one by one.

He was considered an old hand in the raw materials trading area.

He had also cooperated with the Alchemist Guild a lot before, but he had never seen the Alchemist Guild buy metals in such a large quantity.

Speaking of which…

Wasnt the Alchemist Guild very poor

How did they suddenly become so rich

Listening to the series of bills, Gege Lu felt that he could not even stand straight.

This amount was almost comparable to the funding provided by the Dwarf King.

“Are you mistaken I… I didnt buy any metal.” Gege Lu used all his rationality to say this.

He was indeed short of metals, but this kind of unknown delivery… he really did not dare to accept it.

The courier looked at Gege Lu, then at the bill and said with great certainty, “No, the guest who came to buy these things asked us to send these things to the Alchemist Guild directly.

The signatory wrote your name, President.”

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