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Chapter 2200 - 2200 Letting a Great Opportunity Slip (2)

2200 Letting a Great Opportunity Slip (2)

The straightforward personality of dwarves made it impossible for them to become profiteers, so one could rest assured that the items they bought from dwarves would never be fake or inferior products.

Shen Yanxiao walked around the raw material trading market and selected several rare metals she could use to make sacred tools.

In addition, she looked at other ordinary metals.

After hollowing out the warehouse of the Alchemist Guild, she had to fill it up again.

Ever since Shen Yanxiao joined the organization in her previous life, she had never been plagued by poverty.


In the past, her amazing thieving skills were enough to allow her to live a luxurious life.

In the Brilliance Continent, the golden and silver mountains in the Forsaken Land were inexhaustible.

Now that she was in the Storm Continent, she had no intention of letting herself continue to be poor.

Shen Yanxiao spent a lot of money to buy all the metal raw materials she liked.

Soon, the money she earned from selling potions was squandered away.

In the Alchemist Guild, Gege Lu was looking at the last humanoid machine he had been reluctant to sell, which was the last five-star humanoid machine of the Alchemist Guild.

In fact, at the beginning, the Alchemist Guild in Puko Bazaar had five five-star humanoid machines, but with the shortage of funds, four of them had been sold one after another.

Gege Lu had the last and only one.

No matter how difficult it was for the guild, Gege Lu never wanted to sell this humanoid machine.

This humanoid machine with a soul had accompanied Gege Lu from the day he became the president of the Alchemist Guild.

It seemed to have sensed its masters distress and stood aside obediently.

“Lulu.” Gege Lu raised his head and called out the name he had given to the humanoid machine.

Hearing Gege Lus call, Lulu slowly lowered his head.

“I… Im sorry.” Gege Lu shook his fist.

He was the president of the guild and must assume the responsibility of a guild president.

In fact, the financial situation of the Puko Alchemist Guild was the worst among all the Alchemist Guilds.

The presidents of other guilds generally accepted the assistance of their members.

The products made from the resources provided by the guild were also owned by the guild and could be sold to fill the funds of the guild.

However, Gege Lu was surprisingly stubborn in this aspect.

He would never force any member to supplement the guild, let alone take money away from the members.

He wanted every member to use the best things and make the most perfect work.

Even if the members wanted to sell their alchemy products, Gege Lu would stop them.

Only if it was something small, Gege Lu would turn a blind eye.

But as long as it was a slightly successful alchemy product, Gege Lu would never let them sell it.

Alchemists put a lot of effort into building superior alchemy products.

How much energy did alchemists spend Who could bear to part with it

Gege Lus stubbornness caused the Pukos Alchemist Guild to be unable to make ends meet.

Whenever the guild was in trouble, he would quietly sell his alchemy products.

Just like now, Gege Lu had to sell Lulu.

“Lord Gege Lu, you dont have to apologize.” Lulus deep voice sounded, and his metallic palm gently patted Gege Lu on the shoulder.

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