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Chapter 2199 - 2199 Letting a Great Opportunity Slip (1)

2199 Letting a Great Opportunity Slip (1)

Pukos Herbalist Guild.

“Are you serious!” Kaka Qi, the president of the Herbalist Guild, could not believe his ears when he heard the news brought back by the herbalist.

“Yes, President, some of the potions sold by that dwarf smell exactly the same as that bottle of mysterious potion.

I cant be wrong.” The herbalist opened his mouth with a firm attitude.

As herbalists, their sense of smell was much more sensitive than that of ordinary dwarves.

Once they remembered the smell of a potion, they would not forget it for a long time.

“Quick! Take me there!” Kaka Qi could hardly wait to pull the herbalist outside.

For that bottle of potion, he had thought of all kinds of means.

Even the Herbalist Guilds in the other four bazaars had been used by him, but after so long, there was no news at all.

Now that he had finally found a trail, how could he not be excited


Dwarves lacked good herbalists.

The potion formulas in their hands had taken them too much experience and time, but the results were still not satisfactory.

When they realized that the potion they had received before was far more potent than all the potions they had been exposed to, they realized that finding the owner of this potion would be the most important task of their Herbalist Guild.

Although the Herbalist Guild had powerful funding, only they could understand the bitterness they suffered.

They had the best conditions and the best environment, so they did not have to worry about medicinal ingredients or money.

However, there were so few new potions they could make that the input and output of resources were not proportional at all.

Although the Dwarf King never blamed them for anything, in the face of such a situation, the honest herbalists felt extremely ashamed.

They had received such good benefits, but they could not make a better potion.

They felt ashamed.

Kaka Qi followed the herbalist to the pharmaceutical trading market in Pukos Bazaar very soon, but by the time they arrived, Shen Yanxiaos booth had already been replaced by a dwarf, and the potions on the booth had also been replaced with the most common potions.

There was nothing spectacular about them at all.

“How could this be” The herbalist who ran to deliver the news was struck dumb.

He had only been gone for half an hour, how could the stall owner sell so quickly

Kaka Qi was even more depressed.

As for Shen Yanxiao…

She had sold all the low-level potions in her interspatial ring and also sold a lot of intermediate-level potions.

With her wallet bulging, she immediately went to the raw materials trading area.

There were all sorts of raw materials for ores and metals here, and even herbs could be seen.

In the Storm Continent, the hottest market should be the raw materials market.

Both alchemists and herbalists could not live without raw materials.

Every day, a large number of metals and medicinal herbs were poured into the market.

Dwarves, who were not very talented in alchemy or herbalism, devoted themselves to mining ores and digging up herbs in order to earn a certain amount of remuneration.

Although the prices of ores and herbs were completely incomparable to alchemy products and potions, their quantity was so considerable that they could earn a living by sheer quantity.

Large quantities of raw materials could not be put up for sale in the booth.

So all the dwarves would just select several samples from the raw materials they had and put them on the booth for buyers to choose from.

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