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Chapter 2198 - 2198 Guild Problems (4)

2198 Guild Problems (4)

In the pharmaceutical trading market of Pukos Bazaar, normally it was the Herbalist Guild that sold potions at the highest price, but it was still priced at eight gold coins.

However, Shen Yanxiao sold it for fifteen gold coins.

Even at such an astounding price, her stall was flooded with people trying to buy her goods, which aroused the doubts of the Herbalist Guild members.

The herbalist dwarves did not think of suppressing their competitors or anything.

They were just wondering why they would rather pay twice the price for the same potions.

This was very abnormal.


Compared with the bustling crowd on Shen Yanxiaos side, the booths on this side of the Herbalist Guild were much more deserted.

Although there were dwarves constantly coming to buy, there was no long queue!

It was reasonable to say that the potions of the Herbalist Guild should be the most popular in this market, but why was it different today

“No, I have to go and see.

Is there anyone better than our Herbalist Guild” The herbalist, who was full of doubts, immediately walked towards Shen Yanxiao.

Shen Yanxiao continued to sell potions, and the number of low-level potions in her storage ring continued to sharply decrease.

She did not intend to take out intermediate-level potions for sale.

After all, the potions used by the dwarves were all low-level potions, and she did not want to be too conspicuous.

But when she thought of the difficulties of the Alchemist Guild, Shen Yanxiao simply gritted her teeth and released a few bottles of intermediate potions.

Intermediate-level potions were very different from low-level potions in terms of appearance and smell.

As soon as these bottles of intermediate potions were released, the dwarves around them immediately noticed that they were different.

“What potion is this Why have I never seen it before”

“Recovery potions, 500 per bottle.” Shen Yanxiao tightened her cloak and wrapped herself even more tightly.

In any case, she would leave after selling her stock of potions.

No dwarf would know who she was.

“Five hundred!”

This price really surprised the crowd.

Unlike alchemy products that could be used constantly, potions were consumables.

Five hundred gold coins for a one-time use product was really not a low price.

The dwarves, who were clamoring to buy, suddenly became stupefied.

Shen Yanxiao did not say much and merely released the bait.

She did not have the courage to stab her arm to prove the effect of the medicine.

If she dared to do so, Xiu would definitely strangle her to death.

Most of the crowd hesitated, but there were still a few dwarves with great courage.

They had noticed that the low-level potions Shen Yanxiao sold before were very good, and now she was taking out some unknown potions that were attached with an astronomical price.

A few dwarves with fat wallets bought two bottles with the mentality of satisfying their curiosity.

As soon as they got their hands on it and opened the cap, the fragrance of medicinal herbs immediately permeated the air.

The smell was so strong that it covered all the other scents in the entire market.

The herbalist who had just stepped into the crowd was stunned when he smelled the scent.

And the next second, he immediately turned around and went back.

The herbalist who was squatting at his booth asked curiously when he saw his companion walking back with a heavy expression.

“Whats wrong Why do you look so pale”

The herbalist with a gloomy expression said, “Im going back to the guild now.”

“Ah Didnt you just arrive”

“I might have discovered the owner of that mysterious potion!” The herbalist narrowed his eyes.

That scent was too familiar.

He would never mistake it for anything else!

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