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Chapter 2196 - 2196 Guild Problems (2)

2196 Guild Problems (2)

Shen Yanxiao devoted herself to the creation of sacred tools, but Gege Lu was very depressed.

As dwarves, alchemists in the entire Alchemist Guild were almost always studying the creation of mechanical puppets and humanoid machines.

Shen Yanxiao, as the only guild member with an unusual flame other than himself, never tried her hands at creating mechanical puppets or anything like that.

Instead, she studied those palm-sized balls all day long.

Seeing this, Gege Lu wanted to vomit blood.


When he saw Shen Yanxiao reading so attentively, he thought she had comprehended some hidden knowledge, but in the end…

Looking at the small iron balls the size of a palm he had taken back from Shen Yanxiao, Gege Lus heart bled.

He could see that it was a sacred tool, but in the Storm Continent, few dwarves liked to use it.

The rare metal used by Shen Yanxiao during this period could be said to have consumed the last stockpile of the guild.

Normally, Gege Lu wouldnt care so much about this, but the problem was…

If Shen Yanxiao continued to train like this, the guild would really have no rare metals to provide to its other members.

“President, do you want me to talk to Momo Xiao” Pipi Kas position in the guild was not low.

He knew the difficulties of the guild very well.

During this period of time, in order to replenish the stock of precious metals in the guild, the president had sold two three-star mechanical puppets that he had been reluctant to sell before.

“No, as the president, how can I disturb the members experiments with such a farce” Gege Lu declined Pipi Kas proposal.

Shen Yanxiaos sacred tools were perfect.

She had also given them all to the guild, but… Gege Lu and the others could not sell these things!

The value of sacred tools in the Storm Continent was really pitifully low.

Basically, any alchemist could make them.

Plus, dwarves preferred huge mechanical puppets.

There was really no need for sacred tools to strengthen their fighting capacity.

High investment, zero profit.

The Alchemist Guild felt really a little overwhelmed.

Gege Lu felt useless.

As an alchemist, no matter what alchemy product he created, it was his personal freedom.

He had no right to reverse the minds of alchemists and force them to do what they did not want to do.

This was a guild that provided a good environment for alchemists, not a business.

“Lets wait a little longer.

I still have some things to sell.

I think Momo Xiao has started making superior sacred tools.

Her progress is really amazing.

As the president, I should support her.” Gege Lus belief was very simple.

No matter how poor he was, he would not delay the progress of his members research.

“In a while, the capital citys funding should arrive.

At that time, we should have a better time.” Gege Lu said.

Pipi Ka was silent.

No matter what Gege Lu said, he knew very well that the amount of funding given to the Alchemist Guild in the capital was not enough to guarantee even the most basic research for each member.

Gege Lu said this to reassure himself.

At the corner of the living room, Shen Yanxiao stood in place in a daze.

She did not expect that her research during this period of time would bring such a great predicament to the Alchemist Guild, let alone causing the finances of the Alchemist Guild to be in such a state.

Shen Yanxiao looked down at the superior sacred tool in her hand, and her eyes narrowed slightly.

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