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Chapter 2194 - 2194 Thirst After Talents (5)

2194 Thirst After Talents (5)

It could be said that the days of alchemists were so poor that they could not eat.

Every Alchemist Guild was now basically saturated.

If more members were casually added, the presidents of each Alchemist Guild would have to sell their underwear.

This did not mean that alchemists were poor.

They also had their own small coffers.

It was the guild that was poor, not the individuals.

But as dwarves, the presidents of the major guilds, even if they were poor enough to sell themselves, would never extort the small coffers of their members.


“President, she…” Pipi Ka was about to say something when he suddenly remembered that they did not even know Shen Yanxiaos name.

He immediately turned to ask Shen Yanxiao.

“Whats your name again”

Gege Lu almost rolled his eyes when he heard that.

They didnt even know her name and just dragged her back like that!

“Momo Xiao,” Shen Yanxiao said.

“Oh, Momo Xiao!” Pipi Ka was suddenly enlightened.

He turned to Gege Lu and said, “Momo Xiao has an unusual flame!”

Gege Lu still wanted to roar, but after hearing the words of Pipi Ka, he was completely stunned.

“You… What did you say”

“Momo Xiao has an unusual flame,” Pipi Ka honestly repeated.

Gege Lu swallowed his saliva and his shocked eyes fell on Shen Yanxiao.

He suddenly stood up and strode towards her.

Shen Yanxiao stood in place and watched as the “ferocious” Gege Lu came to her and fiercely grabbed her!

He held her hand.

“Momo Xiao, our guild needs talents like you! You will be a member of our Pukos Alchemist Guild in the future.

I will definitely treat you well in the future!” There was no need to mention how sincere Gege Lus tone was.

Shen Yanxiao blinked her eyes.

This presidents attitude changed too quickly!

“Listen up, Momo Xiao will be a member of our guild in the future.

If I find out that any little bastard dares to bully her, I will skin him alive!” Gege Lu announced righteously in front of all the alchemists.

He was supporting Shen Yanxiao to the end!

“Wow, long live the president!”

“Momo Xiao, we will treat you well in the future!”

With Gege Lus words, the group of nervous alchemists finally burst out with their inner joy.

“President, was our decision wise” Several alchemists, seeing Gege Lus attitude, immediately ran to claim credit.

Gege Lu raised his eyebrows, “Even if you did the right thing this time, you cant still stand there blankly.

Go and prepare a laboratory for Momo Xiao.

It must be a single room!”

“President, youre too biased!” The alchemists wept.

They were all crammed with five or six people in a single room, so how come Shen Yanxiao had a room all to herself

The Alchemist Guild did not have that many laboratories.

Occupying a laboratory alone was a treatment that not even the president had!

Gege Lu glanced at them and snorted, “Do you think I dont know your dirty little thoughts Momo Xiao is the only woman in our guild.

Is it okay to put her with you evil wolves”

If he still did not know what the alchemists under his command were like, then his position as president would be in vain!

“…” The evil wolves became well-behaved.

Gege Lu had really understood their little thoughts.

With the help of Gege Lu, Shen Yanxiao smoothly entered the Pukos Alchemist Guild.

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