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Chapter 2193 - 2193 Thirst After Talents (2)

2193 Thirst After Talents (2)

In the Alchemist Guild, an adult dwarf with a red beard was staring at a group of alchemists standing in the hall.

“Which one of you can tell me what youre doing!” The red-bearded dwarf was none other than the president of the Pukos Alchemist Guild, Gege Lu.

As the president of the Pukos Alchemist Guild, Gege Lu moved out of his own tribe and came to preside over the operation of the whole guild.

He was also the only alchemist in the Pukos Alchemist Guild who had an unusual flame.

Just a moment ago, he was still busy in the laboratory when he received a piece of news that stunned him.


The alchemists in their guild actually ran to the mechanical trading area and dragged an unfamiliar dwarf back, one by one screaming to let the dwarf join their guild.

Their actions were simply too unsightly for Gege Lu.

He immediately put down his alchemy experiments and rushed into the hall without stopping.

As a matter of fact, the group of alchemists who had caused him trouble were now standing obediently in place with their heads lowered, saying nothing.

Gege Lu noticed that among this group of naughty brats, one was wrapped very tightly, holding a small fiery red furball in her hand.

“President, you must listen to our explanation on this matter!” In the face of Gege Lus roar, the alchemists immediately showed their dedication to the guild.

“Speak! Tell me a reason why I shouldnt kill you.” The corner of Gege Lus mouth twitched.

The Alchemist Guild was not a place where just any alchemist could enter.

Otherwise, not to mention five Alchemist Guilds, even five hundred Alchemists Guilds would not be able to accommodate all the alchemists in the Storm Continent.

The number of alchemists in the Storm Continent was so high that every member who joined the Alchemist Guild had to be screened layer by layer.

After all, the Alchemist Guild had limited resources and could not provide for too many alchemists.

They could only ensure that the best resources and environment were provided to the most talented alchemists in order to maximize the effect.

Their Alchemist Guild had never had a member who could directly enter without participating in the test.

However, these stinky boys were so brave that they brought an unfamiliar dwarf back without saying anything!

Gege Lus voice was already loud, and in terms of the appearance of a dwarf, he was considered very mighty and domineering, so when he got angry, it immediately made the group of adorable alchemists tremble.

“President, if you listen to our explanation, you will think how wise our actions were!” The bold alchemist whispered.

“I hope your wisdom will let you see the sun tomorrow.” Gege Lu said with a fake smile.

The Alchemist Guild seemed to have unlimited resources, but only internal members knew how hard it was for them.

The Dwarf King attached more importance to the cultivation of herbalists and invested ten times the number of gold coins invested into the Alchemist Guild, but the members of their Alchemist Guild were a hundred or even a thousand times that of the Pharmacist Guild.

With such imbalance, the funds allocated to each member would be so small that they could not even carry out the most basic experiments on their daily days.

As a last resort, the presidents of each Alchemist Guild could only take their members to sell their own alchemy products.

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