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Chapter 2192 - 2192 Thirst After Talents (1)

2192 Thirst After Talents (1)

“Then do you want to consider coming to our guild Our president is very good, and the welfare is also very good.” The alchemists began their plan to abduct Shen Yanxiao.

When Shen Yanxiao heard their offer, she was slightly stupefied.

She was just thinking about how to pass the Alchemist Guilds test, and now they actually took the initiative to invite her to join

Happiness came so suddenly that Shen Yanxiao could not react for a moment.

“Come on, you can absolutely be the flower of our guild!” Another alchemist tried to persuade her.


Pipi Ka was silent on one side.

How could she not be the flower Their guild did not even have a single woman.

Any female who came would be the flower.

A group of alchemists talked about all kinds of benefits, desperately trying to abduct this alchemist with an unusual flame.

Shen Yanxiao cleared her throat and said, “My alchemy level is very average.”

It was not that she did not want to go, but she was afraid that if she went now, she would be kicked out in less than two days.

At that time, even if she wanted to enter again, it would not be so easy anymore.

“It doesnt matter! You have an unusual flame! That alone is enough for you to join any Alchemist Guild.” The alchemists were very sure.

In the Storm Continent, unusual flames were too rare.

Such a rare divine fire could create miracles no matter whose hands it fell into!

Generally speaking, ones level did not matter.

Even if it was a beginner, as long as they had an unusual flame and were properly guided, their growth speed would be rapid!

Shen Yanxiao was speechless as the group of alchemists talked at once, but the dwarves watching on the sidelines listened with relish.

There were a lot of alchemists in Storm Continent, but not every alchemist could be invited by the Alchemist Guild.

At most, only one out of a hundred alchemists could become a member of the Alchemist Guild, and all of them were admitted by themselves.

As it was now, it was really rare to see an Alchemist Guild in a hurry to recruit alchemists publicly.

An unusual flame, a powerful auxiliary weapon, was a treasure that all alchemists dreamed of.

Even the Alchemist Guild was in great demand of it.

“Really” Shen Yanxiao also noticed the burning enthusiasm of these alchemists for her.

This was a good thing for her.

If she could join the Alchemist Guild now, she could learn how to make sacred tools earlier.

Shen Yanxiao was not at all worried about whether the seal in her body could be undone.

Her mind was now full of thoughts about when she would learn to make sacred tools.

“Its true!”

“Well, after I sell all my goods first…” Before Shen Yanxiao could finish speaking, the group of alchemists quickly picked up all the items on Shen Yanxiaos booth.

“Well buy all these! Hurry up and come with us!”


Why should they wait

They decided to drag her away if need be!

Shen Yanxiao was slightly surprised.

Without waiting for her to pack her things, the alchemists consciously helped her sort out the booths and counted her money.

The service was simply too good!

In a short minute, everything in front of Shen Yanxiao had been cleaned up.

The alchemists then stood beside her, their eyes full of anxiety.

Had it not been for the difference between men and women, it was estimated that this group of impatient alchemists would have carried Shen Yanxiao directly back.

Shen Yanxiao finally stood up, holding the red furball in her arms, and followed the group of alchemists away.

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