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Chapter 2191 - 2191 We\'re Not Here to Cause Trouble (3)

2191 Were Not Here to Cause Trouble (3)

“Sorry, sorry, Im used to it.

Girl, really, can you tell us the secret of making this thing” After being scolded by Pipi Ka, the other alchemists calmed down a lot.

Compared to the fact that Shen Yanxiao was actually a female, they were more concerned about why the metal creatures in these small iron balls produced flames.

“Secret” Shen Yanxiao was a little confused.

She made these things using the most basic alchemy method.

After all, she had just started, and she had yet to do any difficult processes.

But how did this become a secret in the mouth of an elite alchemist


“Why is it still burning I couldnt find a place to store the kerosene.

Moreover, the internal structure of these metal creatures is not as complicated as other mechanical puppets, but how can they still move so flexibly” The alchemists instantly turned into curious babies.

On the way here, they had already taken apart the butterfly in Pipi Kas hands and examined it.

It was obviously the most basic alchemy technique, but how could it produce such a magical effect

Questions popped up from the alchemists mouths one after another.

However, Shen Yanxiao remained silent.

Nine times out of ten, the questions they asked were related to the fire elemental spirit.

What Shen Yanxiao had made before did not have these effects.

At most, it would move a little, but after the birth of the fire elemental spirit, these toys immediately became different.

How could Shen Yanxiao explain this

Explain that it was because she had used an elemental spirit to create these effects

This was really inexplicable.

After a moment, Shen Yanxiao said, “This might be because of the unusual flame I used.”

She was not lying, was she

Although Shen Yanxiao did not want to answer these questions, she planned to enter the Alchemist Guild in the future.

To achieve this goal, it was more appropriate to lay the groundwork for some things in advance.

If she was discovered after she joined, the situation would become messier.

“Unusual flame! You are using an unusual flame”

The wordsunusual flame immediately caused an uproar.

Everyone knew how important unusual flames were to alchemists.

Throughout the Storm Continent, the number of alchemists with unusual flames could be counted on one hand.

In addition to the three alchemists under the Dwarf King, only the presidents of the five major Alchemist Guilds had unusual flames.

Other alchemists could never get such an opportunity even if they wanted to for the rest of their lives!

Without an unusual flame, although they could still become alchemists, they could never make extraordinary alchemy products.

“Yes.” Shen Yanxiao nodded and continued to tickle her “unusual flame”.

“No wonder.” The alchemists now understood that the rarity and preciousness of an unusual flame had its reasons.

Its own characteristics would, to a large extent, directly affect alchemy products, just like the unusual flame of their president.

“Girl, have you joined an Alchemist Guild” One of the alchemists asked.

Shen Yanxiao shook her head.

All the alchemists looked at each other, and the same thought ignited in their hearts.

Alchemists with unusual flames were the treasures of Storm Continent.

Even if they had to tie her up, they would tie this alchemist back to their guild!

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