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Chapter 2189 - 2189 We\'re Not Here to Cause Trouble (1)

2189 Were Not Here to Cause Trouble (1)

With this, she no longer had to hide.

Shen Yanxiao could finally breathe a sigh of relief.

She could do alchemy now, but…

She could not make a real sacred tool, dear god!

Should she ask her soldiers to throw these small iron balls to crush the other party in the war


Thinking left and right, the only way Shen Yanxiao could think of was to find a place to learn how to make sacred tools, and in the whole Storm Continent, the top alchemists were the Alchemist Guild.

Pukos Bazaar was close to the capital city, so Shen Yanxiao directly set her sights on the Alchemist Guild here.

It was said that if you wanted to join the Alchemist Guild, the first thing you had to do was to pass the test of the president.

Only the alchemists who passed the test could become members and enjoy the resources of the guild.

Shen Yanxiao didnt care about anything else.

What she needed most was alchemy books.

Although the Momo Tribe also had such books, they certainly could not be compared with the books in the Alchemist Guild.

Therefore, when Shen Yanxiao came here, she was not arrogant enough to think that she could join the Alchemist Guild on her first day here.

She had already made plans to stay in an inn in Pukos Bazaar for the time being.

While selling the alchemy products she had created before for some money, she would train her abilities in the alchemy laboratory of the inn and then go to the Alchemist Guild in a few days.

“Bidiu~” The little furball turned over in Shen Yanxiaos arms, revealing its belly.

Shen Yanxiao silently scratched it.

The little guy immediately felt comfortable.

Goods continued to be sold, and Shen Yanxiao estimated that she would be able to return home in a while.

This time, she took out all the things she had created before and sold them all.

She would cultivate in seclusion for a few days before going to the Alchemist Guild.

“This is it!” Pipi Ka squeezed into Shen Yanxiaos booth with a group of friends from the Alchemist Guild.

The crowd immediately retreated when they saw the group of dwarves with the badge of the Alchemist Guild hanging on their chests.

That badge represented the peak of alchemy.

“Are these it” Several young alchemists looked curiously at the small iron balls in the booth, sometimes picking up this and sometimes picking up that.

All of them were pleasantly surprised by the various metal creatures in the small iron balls.

Shen Yanxiao still had nine of them to sell, but what was with this group of dwarves that suddenly jumped out

Dear, are you going to buy it or not If not, please dont delay her business!

Originally, several dwarves were ready to pay and sweep away the last few iron balls, but after these dwarves made a fuss, the other dwarves stepped aside.

Shen Yanxiao was just about to say something when the dwarves on one side suddenly whispered.

“Theyre the alchemists of the Alchemist Guild.

Why are they here”

“I dont know.

Dont they never buy alchemy products in the trading area”

“There are so many of them.

They dont seem to be here to buy anything.”

The alchemists of the Alchemist Guild were all at the top of their field in the Storm Continent.

Their own alchemy products were already the most advanced.

Thus, there was no need to buy anything from the trading market.

However, more than a dozen alchemists from the Alchemist Guild crowded in front of Shen Yanxiaos booth.

This scene was really intriguing.

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