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Chapter 2187: Mysterious Alchemist (3)

Surrounded by many dwarves, a dwarf wrapped in a cloak, showing only a pair of clear big eyes, was sitting in front of their booth.

In the entire mechanical trading area, their booth was the most crowded.

From early in the morning, there had been no lack of customers in front of their booth.

The moment one walked away, ten more would squeeze over.

The goods sold by this dwarf were somewhat different from those sold in other booths.

Most of the alchemy products sold by other dwarves could be seen as useful at a glance, but here, there were only small hollow iron balls.


Beside the many small iron balls, a furry red furball was crawling on the dwarfs knees, enjoying the dwarfs scratching.

“Me! I want a small fire horse!” A dwarf, who had managed to squeeze to the front with great difficulty, pointed to a small iron ball and said.

The dwarf stretched out their small white hand and picked up the selected little iron ball.

“Five hundred gold coins.” A sweet voice sounded amid the noise.

It was as gentle as the wind, stirring up ones heart.

Five hundred gold coins.

If this was the price for a mechanical puppet, it was not expensive, but in exchange for this small iron ball the size of a palm, it could be said to be an astronomical price.

It was such a high price, but no buyer questioned its value.

The buyer, without saying a word, took out his purse, quickly counted five hundred gold coins, and handed it to the dwarf.

He then held his little iron ball with jolting buttocks, smiling.

He could not wait to open the small iron ball.

A kneeling metal horse was curled up in the iron ball.

The moment the iron ball was opened, the metal horse seemed to have been awakened.

It stretched its limbs and stood up.

A cluster of blazing flames suddenly blazed on the metal horse.

The fierce horse galloped in the air in the iron ball, just like a fire horse galloping on the vast grassland.

The scene in front of him was so lifelike!

“Hehe.” The dwarf held his little fire horse and left with a silly smile.

The dwarves around them were no longer surprised by this.

In the process of queuing up, they had already seen too many magical scenes: galloping fire horses, eagles flapping their wings, dancing butterflies, carps swimming in flame…

There was nothing in their mind but to purchase these little iron balls.

Originally, there were hundreds of iron balls on this booth, but now there were only a dozen or so left.

The stall owner had no intention of continuing to take out more.

After selling the remaining iron balls, it would probably be hard for them to buy more.

“I want it! I want that…”

At this moment, another group of dwarves rushed over with their purses in their hands.

The stall owner did not show the slightest joy at her daily profits.

There was only calmness in her clear eyes.


How could she not be calm

In a short month, they had traveled to so many places every day.

While doing so, they had to run for their lives in the middle of the night.

After experiencing such a nightmare, anyone would be calm about the lively scene before them.

The dwarf who came to Pukos Bazaar with a stash full of magical alchemy products for sale was none other than Shen Yanxiao, who had “abducted” the fire elemental spirit a month ago!

After leaving Kumu Mountain, Shen Yanxiao had officially embarked on the path of alchemy.

Sure enough, the fire that was about to become an elemental spirit was ten thousand times better than the Hundred Smelting Fire.

After Shen Yanxiao experienced a failure, all her experiments after that became particularly smooth.

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