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Chapter 2186: Mysterious Alchemist (2)

The busiest part of Pukos Bazaar was the mechanical trading area.

Under the leadership of the Alchemist Guild, the quality of the alchemy products in the bazaar was obviously much higher than that of ordinary bazaars.

Many dwarves traveled thousands of miles to Pukos Bazaar in order to get closer to the latest and newest alchemy products.

In the Storm Continent, all alchemists knew that the best way to understand the progress of the dwarves in alchemy was to go to the five major bazaars and take a look at their mechanical trading area.

Even if they had no money to buy something, they could still broaden their horizons.

In Pukos Bazaar, where alchemy was most developed, many alchemists who failed to join the Alchemist Guild would find an inn to stay in.

Inns in the five major bazaars would have corresponding alchemy laboratories in order to give alchemists who wanted to motivate themselves a better working environment.


Every day, from sunrise to sunset, the mechanical trading area of Pukos bazaar was always crowded.

Here, new alchemy products were put on the market every day.

Many dwarves with fat wallets were squatting here, ready to sweep the latest products at any time.

The same was true today.

Densely packed dwarves were crowded together, moving slowly along the road, and from time to time they would squeeze into the shops nearby to see their favorite treasures.

Dwarves had a natural passion for alchemy.

They would rather only have two sets of clothes to change all year round and tighten their belts than to not spend on alchemy.

The Storm Continent had abundant mineral resources, and a large number of rare ores were sold here for the price of cabbages.

The price of various alchemy apparatus was also very attractive, but alchemy was a very costly operation.

Even the most skilled alchemists could not guarantee success in one go.

Often, before a potion could be created, they would have to scrap several sets of materials, or even hundreds of sets.

During these experiments, the possibility of explosion, combustion, and so on was very high.

Alchemists had to tighten their belts and save to support their alchemy expenses.

Similarly, the price of an alchemy product in the Storm Continent was also very objective.

For example, in a small bazaar, the most ordinary mechanical puppet would cost hundreds of gold coins, and the price of ordinary alchemy products would be completely different depending on their rarity and sophistication.

In the alchemy market, the most popular product was Mechanical Soul Bodies that had their own thoughts.

Even the lowest one-star humanoid machines were often priced in the tens of thousands.

It must be known that the value of dwarven currency was much more expensive than the currency of human society, but even at such a high price, there were still many alchemy enthusiasts scrambling to buy them.

As long as humanoid machines were put on the market, there would be a rush to buy them.

However, humanoid machines were very rare, and it was rare to see even one or two in a month.

Alchemists also bought other alchemy products on ordinary days.

For example, right now, there was a large number of dwarves crowding in front of a small booth.

Holding their heavy purses, they tiptoed and stretched their necks, trying to look at the booth.

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