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Chapter 2185: Mysterious Alchemist (1)

“Hey! What are you all doing squatting here” A dwarf with the Alchemist Guild badge hurried to the entrance of the guild and was startled when he saw a whole row of his peers squatting at the entrance.

“Oh! Pipi Ka, youre back at last.

How was the Moxiu Bazaar Are the girls there beautiful” An alchemist saw the dwarf who had just returned and immediately pounced on him.

“Stop it.

Let me tell you, when I passed by the mechanical trading area just now, I saw something very interesting.

Do you want to take a look” Pipi Ka, who had just returned, had an excited smile on his lovely face.

“Mechanical trading area Pipi Ka, are you too tired What did you see in the trading area that can make you so excited” The alchemist rolled his eyes.


Unlike the Herbalist Guild, the Alchemist Guild was very strict about the selection of its members.

Only the best alchemists could become members of the guild, and in Pukos Bazaar, in all the areas where alchemy products were sold, almost all the best alchemy items were made by their members.

What was there to be excited about

“It is something very special! Luckily, I bought one on the way back.

Let me show it to you.” Pipi Ka took out a small iron ball the size of an egg from his bag.

The iron ball was hollowed out, and it was pitch-black inside.

“Whats there to see” An alchemist took it without interest.

Under the excited gaze of Pipi Ka, he curled his lips and pressed the small button on the iron ball.

The next second, the seemingly ordinary small iron ball split into two, and a metal butterfly with translucent thin wings slowly spread its wings inside the ball.

The next second, the wings of the metal butterfly were like blazing flames.

The little flame slowly grew larger with each movement of the wings.

And with time, the flames gradually burned with the metal butterfly, creating a fantastical image.

“… What is this” The alchemists was struck dumb.

It was not difficult to make a moving metal butterfly.

It might take a little effort to make it move.

However, they did not know how this metal butterfly that could move and burn out of thin air was made.

Alchemy products were basically made of metal.

Who had ever seen a piece of iron suddenly combust on its own

Although some mechanical puppets could breathe fire, that was also because alchemists had added kerosene into their bodies.

However, this metal butterfly was translucent, and the iron ball was also hollow.

There was simply no place to store kerosene!

“Interesting, isnt it This is called an Inflamed Butterfly.

Close the iron ball, and the flame will extinguish automatically.

And when you open it again, the butterfly inside will fly and produce flames.

The dwarf selling this little thing has a lot of interesting things.

To tell you the truth, this is the first time Ive seen such a fun alchemy product.” Pipi Ka smiled and took the butterfly back into his hand.

The more he looked at this work that combined alchemy and the beauty of fire elements, the more he liked it.

“Take us there right now!”

The alchemists, who were originally lacking interest, immediately felt their blood boiling after seeing such a novel alchemy product.

Nothing could make them more obsessed than alchemy!

“I knew you would like it.

Ill take you there after I put down my things.” Pipi Ka put the butterfly away.

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