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Chapter 2184: Pukos Bazaar (3)

Hehe Li shook his head.

No dwarf knew the origin of that bottle of potion.

The member who sent the potion to the Herbalist Guild only said that the bottle of potion was given to his student in a small bazaar for providing his help.

The dwarf said that she was from the Momo Tribe, but after the member went to the Momo Tribe to inquire, he found that there was no powerful herbalist in the Momo Tribe, only a few who had mediocre skills.


For this matter, the president of the Herbalist Guild also specially invited the herbalist of the Momo Tribe to Pukos Bazaar, but according to the herbalist, he was the only herbalist in the whole Momo Tribe for ten years.

Moreover, when the president put that bottle of potion in front of the Momo herbalist, the Momo herbalist had a face full of shock and pervasiveness.

Thus, the lead on the potion was cut off once again.

“No matter who that herbalist is, we have to find her.

Her achievements have surpassed that of the president and others combined.

If we can invite her to join the Herbalist Guild, it will certainly bring great benefits to the pharmaceutical research of us dwarves,” Hehe Li said.

“I see.

No wonder the president asked us to walk around the bazaar more recently.

He wants us to find that powerful herbalist as soon as possible, right” The young apprentice had an expression of realization.

Since the lead was cut off, the president of the Herbalist Guild in Pukos Bazaar decided to team up with the presidents of the Herbalist Guilds in the other four bazaars to carry out a carpet search in several nearby bazaars.

Their sole purpose was to find that mysterious and powerful herbalist.

However, after a month, they still could not find the herbalist they were looking for.

“Yes, we will find her.” Hehe Li was full of confidence.

As the duo walked toward the bazaar, a dwarf with a hurried expression happened to pass by them, and the dwarf was wearing the badge of the Alchemist Guild.

As soon as the duo saw the alchemist, they immediately fell silent.

The moment they brushed past each other, neither side had any communication.

At the front door of the Alchemist Guild, a group of young alchemists were crouching at the door of the guild, holding their cheeks and staring at the door of the Herbalist Guild opposite to them.

“Give me a howitzer and I can raze it to the ground in a second.” A brown-haired dwarf curled his lips.

They were both guilds, but why was the door of the Herbalist Guild inlaid with gold, while their Alchemist Guild only had two broken wooden doors


This was seriously biased.

“If we flatten it, maybe our king will build them a guild made with crystals,” Another dwarf said sourly.

The dwarves of the Herbalist Guild not only had the best working environment, but they also had two rest days a week, during which all consumption and entertainment were paid for by the Dwarf King.

It could be said that once you became a herbalist, you had the privilege to squander the dwarven state treasury.

On the other hand, the Dwarf King only gave them a little leftover soup.

Even their daily research funds had to be earned by themselves.

In order to build a stronger mechanical soul, they had to take some of their daily ccreations to the bazaar for sale.

“Why Why Why are herbalists treated so well Its not fair!” The alchemists could only cry while looking at the magnificent door of the Herbalist Guild.

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