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Chapter 2183: Pukos Bazaar (2)

A young herbalist apprentice secretly bit his lips under the ridicule of the alchemists, but the middle-aged dwarf standing next to him was no longer phased in the slightest.

“Relax, theres no need to be calculative with these pedantic dwarves.

We still have to take these potions to the trading area as soon as possible.” The middle-aged dwarf comforted the young dwarf with a soft tone.

Perhaps it was because of their profession, but almost all the herbalists among dwarves had a milder temper compared to ordinary dwarves.

They would rarely burst into rage like other dwarves, except for the apprentices who had just come into contact with herbalism.

“Teacher Hehe Li, are you not angry at all” The young herbalist apprentice looked at his herbalist teacher in surprise.

He had only joined the Herbalist Guild for half a month, but he had heard such ridicule almost every day.


Hehe Li shrugged his shoulders and said calmly, “Why are you angry Kid, you have to know that as a herbalist, the first thing you have to learn is to be calm and collected.

Being irritable will only cause you to continuously fail in the process of concocting medicine.”

“But… but they went too far.

We worked day and night on these new potions, but those stinky alchemists still laughed at us.” The young apprentice felt very aggrieved.

Only herbalists knew how hard it was for herbalists.

Because there was no real formula, dwarves had to figure it out on their own.

Without guidance, they had experienced too many failures.

It might take tens of thousands of experiments to make a new potion, which was so boring and cumbersome that it could drive people crazy.

“Child, let them be.

Our king has given us such good treatment.

Lets not let the discussion outside affect our mood.

Instead, we should develop more potions as soon as possible.

This is the responsibility of us herbalists.” Hehe Li could understand the indignation of his students very well.

When he first joined the Herbalist Guild, he also reacted the same way, and his teacher was also comforting him like he was now.

“Yes, Teacher Hehe Li.” The young apprentice humbly accepted Hehe Lis words.

“Teacher Hehe Li, what exactly was that potion the president received recently Why did it alarm the masters of the whole guild” The young apprentice couldnt help but remember what had happened not long ago in the Herbalist Guild.

Not long ago, a member of the Herbalist Guild came to the guild with an unknown bottle of potion.

And when the president of the Herbalist Guild saw the bottle of potion, he was completely shocked.

In order to study the ingredients of the potion, all the experienced herbalists in the whole Herbalist Guild went out to study it for several days in a row, but there was still no result.

Hehe Li frowned and looked up at the sky.

“Child, that was a major breakthrough in our research.

The effectiveness and purity of that bottle of potion has far exceeded any potion we had ever seen before.

The president once said that the effect of that bottle of potion was better than a hundred bottles of our current potions combined.” A trace of yearning flickered in Hehe Lis eyes.

“So powerful But… who made it” The young apprentice became more and more curious.

How powerful was that herbalist to make such a potion

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