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Chapter 2182: Pukos Bazaar (1)

In the Storm Continent, there would be one alchemist among a hundred dwarves, but it was hard to find a herbalist among ten thousand dwarves.

Dwarves had a natural passion for alchemy, while only a few dwarves would engage in pharmaceutical research.

Before the war between gods and devils, all the potions used by the dwarves on the Storm Continent were purchased from either humans or elves.

But as the conflict between races intensified after the war between gods and devils, the races started to isolate from each other, and the dwarves had to start studying herbalism on their own to supply the needs of their own people.

Compared to humans and elves, dwarves had only been exposed to herbalism for a very short time.


In the past, dwarves relied on the supply of potions purchased from other races, but after being isolated from the world, dwarves did not even have a single basic formula.

They could only awkwardly take the potions they had bought before to study the various medicinal ingredients and their concentration in the potions.

Ignorant groping around took thousands of years of research from dwarves, and for dwarves, who loved alchemy by nature, to give up alchemy to learn potions was an extremely difficult problem.

The lifespan of the dwarves was far less than that of the elves and dragons.

They only had hundreds of years of lifespan, and tens of thousands of years had passed since the war between gods and devils.

The Dwarf King had also changed with the sun and the moon.

However, every Dwarf King would spend a lot of effort encouraging pharmaceutical research.

The dwarves never lacked good alchemists.

What they really lacked was powerful herbalists.

Therefore, no matter which king it was, on the day they ascended the throne, they would announce various policies that encouraged pharmaceutical research.

Moreover, among dwarves, herbalists were treated much better than alchemists.

Even so, the number of dwarven herbalists was only one percent of that of alchemists.

And among them, there were many herbalist apprentices who could not even make a complete potion.

The treatment of herbalists was very good, but it still could not extinguish the dwarves yearning for alchemy.

In fact, in the minds of many alchemists, they looked down on herbalists very much.

This was because although herbalists received the best treatment in the Storm Continent, the potions they made had not had any major breakthrough for many years.

In Pukos Bazaar, the Alchemist Guild was located opposite the Herbalist Guild.

“Yo, yo, yo.

I was wondering who it was Its that group of parasites from the Herbalist Guild again.

It took them a month to make such a small potion.

What a waste of the generous benefits given by our king.” The dwarf who came out of the Alchemist Guild looked at the dwarves who came out of the Herbalist Guild with contempt.

The dwarves were walking to the Pukos pharmaceutical zone with a pile of crystal clear bottles.

“If you ask me, if our king had given us alchemists such good treatment, we would have made advanced humanoid machines long ago.” A group of alchemists stood at the door of their guild, their tone sour.

The herbalists looked at the alchemists with very calm expressions.

They had long been accustomed to the ridicule from alchemists.

In Storm Continent, the number of alchemists was a hundred times that of herbalists, but the treatment of a herbalist was a hundred times better than that of an alchemist.

Such a contrast made the two professions, which were already disapproving of each other, more and more incompatible.

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