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Chapter 2181: This Is Abduction (3)

It was so annoying to have a tracker on you!

Shen Yanxiao could almost imagine every time she did alchemy, she had to hide everywhere.

To avoid exposing her location, she reckoned that she could no longer count on practicing alchemy safely in the Momo laboratory.

“I think it is better that I dont go back to the Momo Tribe for the time being.” Shen Yanxiaos heart was mixed with joy and sadness.

The sad part was that she had unintentionally kidnapped a quasi-elemental spirit, and every time she used the Multi-element Furnace in the future, she would be hunted down by a group of elemental spirits.

As for the joyful part…


The effect of ordinary unusual flames in alchemy was already so great that it was stupefying.

And now that she was using a quasi-fire elemental spirit for alchemy, wouldnt the effect be amazing!

“Its good to travel outside for a while.

Just treat it as training.” Shen Yanxiao touched the tip of her nose and informed Taotie through their spiritual link that for some time in the future, Taotie would stay in the Momo Tribe disguised as her, and Shen Yanxiao would only be back when the Dwarf King summoned the chieftains of the various tribes to the capital city.

After Taotie, who was far away in the Momo Tribe, learned of this sudden news, his brain stopped functioning.

Didnt that mean that he had to continue to endure his fourth brothers abuse

Taotie tried to wail his out of this abuse, but Shen Yanxiao emotionlessly cut off their spiritual link.

There was still some time before the summons of the Dwarf King.

Shen Yanxiao had already made a plan for this.

She intended to go all the way to the capital city after leaving Kumu Mountain, practicing alchemy while on the way, saving herself from being caught by the elemental spirits.

This was her first time having difficulties learning a skill.

Shen Yanxiao felt that she and the Storm Continent were indeed at odds.

After coming out of a cave, Shen Yanxiao took out the map of the Storm Continent.

Kumu Mountain was very far from the capital city of the dwarves.

Realizing this, Shen Yanxiao decided to set off towards the capital city and wait for Taotie to come to the capital city before changing her identity back.

Pukos Bazaar.

One of the five largest bazaars in Storm Continent.

It was also one of the five areas in the Storm Continent that was constructed similarly to a city, with the exception of the capital city.

In Pukos Bazaar, a large number of dwarves would come and peddle goods every day.

The whole of Pukos Bazaar was a huge ring.

Entering from the city gates, the shops on each floor were arranged according to a ring from largest to smallest, and each ring sold different sets of goods.

Compared with other bazaars, the selling point of this bazaar was that it was very orderly.

The goods in the bazaar would first be internally sorted out before getting presented.

Selling the same kind of goods in the same ring made it easier for other dwarves to come and buy what they needed.

Normally, it would take at least seven days to tour the entire Pukos bazaar.

In such a huge bazaar, in addition to the shops, there were also many places for dwarves to relax and work.

The Alchemist Guild, the Herbalist Guild, and the Swordsman Guild.

These three major guilds were also established in Pukos Bazaar.

The Alchemist Guild was the ultimate destination of all alchemists in the entire Storm Continent.

All the top alchemists were members of the Alchemist Guild.

It could be said that joining the Alchemist Guild was the ultimate dream of every dwarf who aspired to be an alchemist.

The same was true of the Herbalist Guild, which included the essence of all the dwarven herbalists in the Storm Continent.

But unlike the hotshot Alchemist Guild, the position of the Herbalist Guild was somewhat delicate.

Among the dwarves, there was a huge gap between the ratio of alchemists and herbalists.

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