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Chapter 2173: Elemental Spirit (1)Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

“Xiu… can I bring it with me for the time being” Shen Yanxiao felt extremely stifled.

She felt a strong sense of guilt as she was stared at by a pair of watery eyes.

God knew!

This was her first time meeting this little furball!

“Yes.” Xiu knew that it was impossible for Shen Yanxiao to leave this little fellow alone.

Xiu agreed, but Vermilion Bird…


“No! Why do I have to bring this little fatty with me!” Vermilion Bird was about to go crazy.

When would his master change her habit of picking up cute things

Unfortunately, Vermilion Birds protest was directly ignored by Shen Yanxiao.

She reached out and picked up the little furball.

The little furball, who had returned to Shen Yanxiaos warm embrace, immediately became energetic.

It had been calling outBidiu all this time.

It stuck to Shen Yanxiaos arms and rubbed against her.

Shen Yanxiao did not think much of having another little dead weight.

If she really could not negotiate with the elemental spirits…

At most, she would just run away!

Preparing for the worst, Shen Yanxiao continued to move forward.

Along the way, the little furball was acting like a spoiled child.

Shen Yanxiao could only scratch it with her hands to make it stop.

Perhaps because she had the little furball to distract her attention, Shen Yanxiao felt that the soil under her feet did not seem to be as sticky as before, and her progress was correspondingly much faster.

When the sun set, she finally found the legendary cave.

After going past the dense forest, a pitch-black cave appeared in front of Shen Yanxiao.

The cave was so black that she could not see the situation inside.

However, she could clearly sense a powerful fire elemental aura floating in the air around the cave.

She could even feel a warm current flowing into her chest with a single breath.

“Little fellow, you have to be well-behaved now.

We are going to see several elemental spirits later.

Dont make a fuss.” Shen Yanxiao patted the little furball in her arms.

She was about to face five elemental spirits, so she had to give 120% of her attention.

The little furball blinked its eyes and looked at Shen Yanxiao before looking at the cave in front of it.

All of a sudden, it jumped out of Shen Yanxiaos arms without any warning.

It bounced its small round body and jumped towards the cave bit by bit.

“…” Shen Yanxiao was stunned!

She told it to stop fooling around, but now it was sending itself to their doorsteps!

With the small body of the little furball, if it fell into the hands of an elemental spirit, could it still live

Shen Yanxiao immediately rushed towards the little fellow.

The little furball that was jumping happily in the air was suddenly picked up by Shen Yanxiao and forcefully carried back into her arms.

“Stop it!” Shen Yanxiao wanted to cry.

She knew that she should not have brought this little guy with her.

“Bidiu” The little furball did not realize that it had almost lost its life.

Instead, it looked at Shen Yanxiao with its watery eyes.

“Be good and dont make a sound.” Shen Yanxiao rubbed the little furballs head and lamented in her heart.

Liking cute things was an illness!

She had to be cured!


“Bidiu! Bidiu!” The little furball completely ignored Shen Yanxiaos warning.

Not only did it not quiet down, but it also cried out even more happily.

Its excited cry spread throughout the entire Kumu Mountain.

Shen Yanxiaos heart fell to the bottom of the cliff in an instant.

After such a loud noise, no matter how poor the hearing of the elemental spirits was, it was likely that they could still hear it!

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