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Chapter 2169: Picking Up Treasures (4)Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

“I… I met a very interesting dwarf, so…” Qiqi Luo was somewhat in the wrong.

He was the youngest herbalist of the Qiqi Tribe, and he was usually responsible for taking the extra potions of the Qiqi Tribe to the bazaar for sale.

This time, he came back half a day later than usual.

“Youre just looking for an excuse!” Qiqi Luos master was somewhat dissatisfied.

Dwarves were a very punctual race.

“Im sorry.” Qiqi Luo lowered his head guiltily.

“I wasted some time selling potions for a dwarf.”

Qiqi Luos master immediately turned to his stupid apprentice.


“You help other dwarves sell potions”

Qiqi Luo nodded and said, “Teacher, this is the first time Ive seen so many potions being sold.

Did you know that she took out more than 1000 bottles of potions to sell in half a day!”

Qiqi Luos words made all the dwarves in the lab stop their work.

They all looked at Qiqi Luo in surprise, hardly able to believe that any dwarf could take out so many potions for sale.

“That many Dont tell me their own tribe doesnt need them Or… are there a lot of herbalists in their tribe” Qiqi Luos master frowned slightly.

He had been an herbalist for more than a decade, but with his current skills, he could only make a dozen bottles of potions a day.

More than 1000 bottles.

Even for him, it would take at least a hundred days to create that much, and that was after working all day without rest.

“I dont know, but I saw that the quality of the potions she was selling was very high.

It was purer than any potion I have ever seen.” As soon as Qiqi Luo mentioned potions, his eyes immediately lit up.

If it were not for the fact that he was also selling potions, Qiqi Luo would have bought a few bottles.

Qiqi Luos praise for the potion immediately aroused his masters dissatisfaction.

“How dare you say that someone elses potion is better than mine!!” Qiqi Luos master looked at that pair of round eyes and wished he could slap this stupid disciple of his to death!

“I, your teacher, am a member of the Herbalist Guild, and you say that an unknown dwarfs potion is better than mine!” Qiqi Luos teacher exploded.

How could a student belittle their teacher like this

Traitorous disciple! He wanted to sweep Qiqi Luo out of the door!!!

Qiqi Luo stood rooted on the spot, trembling like a little quail.

“I… Thats not what I meant.”

“You clearly are!” He wanted to get rid of him!

“Teacher… Oh right, she gave me a bottle of potion before she left.

Ive never seen this potion before.

Teacher, you are very knowledgeable.

Please take a look.” Qiqi Luo immediately took out the potion Shen Yanxiao gave him.

The bearded dwarf snorted unhappily and casually took the bottle of potion.

He opened the bottle and a fragrance entered his nose.

In an instant, the entire room was covered by that scent.

“Whats that smell I miss it.” Another herbalist squinted his eyes in enjoyment.

Just the smell alone made him feel relaxed.

This was definitely not the aura of a low-level potion!

“Whats the background of the dwarf who gave you the potion!” Qiqi Luos masters expression immediately changed when he smelled the fragrance.

He immediately pulled Qiqi Luo and asked him cautiously.

Qiqi Luo was slightly stunned.

“She said she was a Momo dwarf.”

Qiqi Luos master immediately denied, “Impossible! There are no good herbalists in the Momo Tribe.

Even in the Herbalist Guild, there are only a few herbalists who can make potions of this level!”

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